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22. Nordic Horn Seminar "Midnight Sun"


Posted 23.04.2023

I am happy to invite you all to Rovaniemi to the 22nd Nordic seminary! Let us gather around the midsummer bonfire to enjoy some French...

Closed by 22.06.2023

Stockholm Chamber Brass Academy


Posted 05.01.2023

Stockholm Chamber Brass, one of the world’s leading brass ensembles, is delighted to invite applicants to their 8th Academy for Chamber Music. For over 30...

Closed by 06.08.2023

Master in Symphonic Orchestra Performance


Posted 15.10.2022

Application opens on 1 December 2022.As a student at this international master’s programme, you…- take part in an excellent symphony orchestra along with your fellow...

Closed by 02.06.2024

French horn: workshops, masterclasses and courses

Advanced students and emerging professionals can take this course to receive the comprehensive orchestral training they need to be accepted into a professional orchestra.
The best symphony orchestras in the world's most renowned musicians teach, mentor, and perform. The education students receive at a university or conservatory and the professional life of an orchestra musician are connected through masterclasses, workshops, private masterclasses, mock auditions, rehearsals, and performances.
Learn French horn from the most accomplished, experienced tutors available:
Tied notes and legato
Various mouth shape
Breathing control
Tongue position
Introduction to French horn structure
Change of key
Fingering practice
French horn courses incorporating general music theory and note reading
Listening and accuracy training
Performance training
Duo playing
Analyzing classical music (including Baroque period, Classical Music period, Romantic period, pieces in 19th century, etc)
They welcome students of all ability levels. Beginners, Intermediate players and more advanced players of the French horn are all more than welcome. workshops can include everything from learning notes, reading music, performing live, learning songs, learning scales and much more. Regardless of your requirements and goals, the tutors will be with you every step of the way.

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They also have some tutors in the community who can help you with learning to perform live and even compose your own music. Make sure to check the tutors profile to see if this is something that they can help you with. workshops are always built around your goals and tutors always have this in mind when creating a lesson plan for everyone.

Music masterclasses
Classes are open to students of all age groups. Learning French horn is something that everyone should be able to enjoy and all tutors believe in this way of learning. French horn can be learned as a hobby or as a serious instrument. Whatever your goals are, always make sure to let the tutor know so that they can tailor a lesson plan to suit your needs as a player. Whatever goals you have in mind, we are sure you will find a tutor you can work with and enjoy learning with.


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