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Stauffer Masterclass – Double Bass | Alberto Bocini


Posted: 01.01.2024

Double Bass today: repertoire and reflections between historicity and multi-contemporaneityStudy of the traditional repertoire and its established techniques; hypothesis of paths through the multi-contemporary music.The...

Closing date: 18.05.2024

Stauffer High Specialisation Course in Double Bass


Posted: 02.08.2023

The High Specialization Course – Stauffer Artist Programme in Double bass of the Stauffer Academy is an annual programme of advanced professional training for young...

Closing date: 29.05.2024

Alberto Bocini – Post graduate Course


Posted: 24.07.2023

Scuola di Musica di Fiesole7 sessions.Assistent teacher: Marco Martelli – 8 sessions alternative to Alberto BociniVisiting Professor: Theotime Voisin – 1 session.Solo and orchestral repertoire...

Closing date: 31.07.2024

Double bass: courses, masterclasses and workshops

One of the most adaptable stringed instruments is the double bass. It supports a wide range of musical genres, including Rock, Pop, Jazz, and the Blues. It is huge but simple to play, which is the fun part. If you are a double bass enthusiast, who wishes to learn this instrument from recognised instructors from across the globe, double bass masterclasses can help you access their guidance from the comfort of your home.
With double bass masterclasses, you can learn the basics of rhythm, harmony, and melody to get a pleasant sound from the instrument. Maestros who are highly trained carve out these courses carefully. You will learn the techniques of vibrato, tone, and dynamics. Also, you will learn to play tunes and the art of soloing. Your tutor will introduce bass line concepts for diverse music genres like Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Latin, Rock, Pop, Brazilian and many more.

Music courses
Online double bass workshops are a very good way to start playing the double bass at your own pace and at a lower cost. The program has been settle in order that workshops follow a clear structure to make you reach goals step by step and not to be lost.
All the courses and especially the introductory ones are designed in order that a student who has never played music can be able to learn everything he needs but also to have all the theoretical notions gradually at the same time as learning the instrument.

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Enjoy the largest catalog of unlimited online double bass courses, including access to all instruments and theory, and find courses for each profile, from beginner to expert, self-taught or in addition to courses.


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