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Ink Still Wet – Composer Conductor-Workshop 2024


Posted 24.09.2023

CALL FOR COMPOSITIONSInk Still Wet 20242024 already sees the 14th edition of Grafenegg’s Ink Still Wet composer conductor workshop – this time under the direction...

Closed by 25.08.2024

Campo Latinoamericano de Composición S.A.E.N. – Primavera 2023


Posted 03.09.2023

CAMPO LATINOAMERICANO DE COMPOSICIÓN S.A.E.N. – PRIMAVERA 2023BASES La Agencia de Proyectos Sinfonía Austral y Editorial Nacional presentan el Campo Latinoamericano de Composición S.A.E.N. –...

Closed by 02.12.2023

Workshop for Young Composers 2024


Posted 03.09.2023

E. Marchesini, percussions M. BosellI, euphoniumDivermento Ensemble selects young composers (born after...

Closed by 31.05.2024

Goethe: Clavigo – music theatre workshop for young composers


Posted 24.07.2023

The Peter Eötvös Contemporary Music Foundation announces a workshop for composers between 12-15 February 2024, in Budapest. The Foundation is aiming to help young composers...

Closed by 15.02.2024

Máster Online Composición de BSOs y Música para Videojuegos (UCM)


Posted 24.07.2023

Máster de Formación Permanente Online en Tecnologías en la Composición de Bandas Sonoras y Música para Videojuegos de la Universidad ComplutenseTécnicas y tecnología para la...

Closed by 28.06.2024

Workhsop with Ramon Lazkano, Peter Eötvös and Gregory Vajda


Posted 12.06.2023

Ramon Lazkano will feature as guest professor alongside Peter Eötvös and Gregory Vajda for the masterclass of the Peter Eötvös Foundation in October 2023. The...

Closed by 06.10.2023

Composer: masterclasses, workshops and courses

The Performance-Oriented Composition course is an innovative and groundbreaking programme that integrates Composition and Conducting. It addresses the composition towards its practical fulfillment in performance and seeks to combine the expertise of composers with the sensitivity of performers. The composition course offers a singular opportunity to develop compositional skills along with conductor training, filling a gap in the current educational pathways that tie the practice of composition within the completion of a score. It promotes the development of modern techniques that combine musical imagination with risk-taking performances. Course lectures consist mainly of video but also include some text. Each section of the course covers a particular concept (or related concepts). Concepts and compositional techniques are demonstrated throughout the course with real musical examples (pictures and audio samples).

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Besides lectures, each section of the course also contains memory questions, section quiz, listening assignments, and transcription/composition assignments. Memory questions serve to summarize and reinforce key concepts learned, while the quizzes test the students knowledge and understanding of the material from each section. Students who take Composition course will get practice transcribing music (hearing a rhythm or a melody and writing it down). In the composition assignments students will get real life practice using the information and techniques learned in each section to write their own rhythms and melodies.

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Who should take Composition course? Every student of music should know how to compose! It is a sad but true fact that most modern music tutors and music courses do not include music composition as part of the students musical education. In the past it was typical for students of music to be able to compose music. The complete musician can play an instrument, has knowledge of music theory and can also compose. If you want to deepen your understanding of music, learn to write it!


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