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Stauffer Artist Diploma – Accademia Stauffer


Posted 27.07.2022

Accademia Stauffer is one of Italy's most prestigious music institutions, an international reference point in higher education for string players (violin, viola, cello, double bass)...

Closed by 09.06.2023

NEW Irish Chamber Orchestra Scholarship awards! Masters Limerick


Posted 27.07.2022

This unique 2 yr course is designed for gifted string players as the final step towards a professional career.The aim is to finesse solo, chamber...

Closed by 10.05.2024

Viola: workshops, masterclasses and courses

In order to promote an increasingly inclusive and participatory artistic vision that is capable of erasing barriers and forging unprecedented (and unexpected) synergies, the course offers a number of extraordinary viola training courses. These Viola courses explore the musical languages and cultures of the world.
What does it mean to be a complete musician in the 21st century? The viola course will examine many aspects of this question including interpretation, improvisation, sound and communication. The group will learn how to improvise as an ensemble and work on solos, riffs and free improvisation. They will study how to write music in small groups of 5/6 musicians, how to delve into the physicality of rhythm, group dynamics and how to work on confidence and performance technique, as well as understanding them.
In the course, you will learn all of the basic skills of how to play a viola. A viola is different from a violin in that it is a bigger instrument with a deeper, richer tone. Though the viola is held the same as the violin, it reads a different musical clef (the alto clef) and shares the same strings as the cello. If you love the way the cello sounds, but don't love its large size, then the viola is for you.

Music classes
In this course, you will learn everything from holding the instrument and bow, to learning how to play all of the notes on all four strings in 1st position, to learning how to use a tuner, and much more. At the end of the course, show off your new performance skills by playing along with a few fun videos and learn a few beginner level pieces. This course is appropriate for any and all age levels, for anyone that wants to begin learning how to play the viola. Students will need their own instrument, a shoulder rest, rosin, and a wipe cloth for optimal success in this course.

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Students are encourage to rent instruments from a local instrument store, but if they feel the need to purchase an instrument, please do so from a music store. Instruments purchased from online websites that sell items other than musical instruments (items where you can purchase food, clothing, or cleaning products) are NOT trustworthy sites for purchasing a musical instrument.


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