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Miami Music Festival, 2023


Posted 05.01.2023

Spend your summer in Miami's notorious South-Beach to attend the 2022 Miami Music Festival! While enjoying the white sands and blue waters in Miami Beach's...

Closed by 23.07.2023

TEDARIM – M.Mus. program for contemporary music performance


Posted 22.12.2022

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance introduces 'TEDARIM' - a specialized Master's Degree Track (M.Mus.) for Contemporary Music Performance, focusing on 20th and 21st...

Closed by 31.01.2025

National Academy Orchestra of Canada Training Program


Posted 01.11.2022

Paid Orchestral Training ProgramRequirements:Open to Canadian musicians ages 18 to 30(those attending a Canadian university on a Student Visa can apply)Post-secondary education in music performance...

Closed by 20.08.2023

All timpani/Percussion: workshops, masterclasses and courses

The timpani and percussion courses offer training for both top orchestras and aspirations for solo performance. The study program's main goal is to help students grow into creative individuals who can confidently meet the demands of the modern music industry. The foundation for this is the encouragement of creativity and independence, as well as thorough technical and musical training.
The training is possible as an artistic or instrumental pedagogical study. Individual focuses can be set with different elective modules. This guarantees a broadly diversified and individual training. This also includes preparation for various competitions in solo and chamber music.
Ensemble projects with other musicians of the courses and workshop orchestras or the big band provide important practical experience. The corresponding stage practice guarantees regular podium concerts.

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Depending on personal objectives, students can choose between artistic and instrumental pedagogical studies. In the artistic courses of study, it is possible to take several secondary instrument.
Some master courses present a comprehensive, interpretive analysis and performance guide of legendary compositions for timpani and percussion. This in-depth, one-of-a-kind publication includes: corrections of wrong notes, rhythms, phrasings, and dynamics; far-reaching suggestions on interpretation; revised notation when original music was difficult to read; suggested muffling to enhance interpretation; additional articulations when appropriate; suggested sticking to increase musical phrasing; historical references.
All timpani and Percussion Workshops Focus On:
Balancing timpani tuning actions & mounting heads
Tuning concert bass drums, snare drums, etc
Resolving common issues with mallet instruments
Understanding your instruments identity and components to assess your equipment and order the correct parts and accessories
Maintaining your instruments properly to save time, money, and increase their performance quality
Economical and sensible choices when selecting instruments and accessories
Playing techniques of timpani and percussion.


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