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Advanced Brass (Ages 12-17) Grade 6+


Posted 26.03.2023

Spend a week at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland learning from the very best brass performers in the country including our Head of Brass, John...

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Monteux School and Music Festival June 18 thru July 30, 2023


Posted 22.12.2022

The Conducting Faculty for our 80th season will include Arthur Fagen, Kenneth Kiesler, Tiffany Lu, Markand Thakar, Julius Williams, and Hugh Wolff. Our 2023 program...

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Trombone: masterclasses, workshops and courses

The true potential of the instrument has been discovered over time, and today, in addition to being a crucial component of a classical orchestra, music lovers also favor the trombone as a solo instrument. It is exceptional in every way, from its enormous size to the system used to tune its pitch. The overall length of the trombone is nine feet. Unlike brass instruments with valves for tuning, the trombone uses a metal slide mechanism to change the pitch.
Does this unique musical instrument trigger your curiosity? Explore trombone courses taught by highly experienced performers and tutors worldwide. By partnering with world-class exponents, the course is meeting its vision of allowing enthusiastic learners to follow their hobby. Check out trombone workshops through 1-on-1 and online courses for undivided attention by your chosen maestro.
The course provides individual private trombone instruction; develops applied performance skills using repertory and pedagogical techniques from the classical tradition; includes training in performance, practice and stylistic interpretation through focus on tone production, technique, articulation, sight-reading and other aspects of musicianship as applied to trombone performance.

Music courses
Course learning outcomes:
1. Play the trombone using newly acquired skills and techniques to demonstrate various aspects of musicianship development and mastery.
2. Perform trombone repertoire at one’s skill level.
3. Practice self-analysis of performances (in masterclasses or in public) in order to promote self-sustaining improvement of skills development and musical expression.
As a student at this international programme, you…
- play standard and new repertoire with world known.
- work with international soloists and guest teachers.
- get prepared for a professional career as an orchestra musician.
- take part in an excellent symphony orchestra along with your fellow students.
- study under leading members of the Symphony Orchestra, who can share knowledge about how to prepare for auditions and who sit in the panels themselves.
- can apply for being a soloist with the academy’s orchestra.
- can practise daily in our practicing rooms.
- get to play mock-auditions regularly with instant constructive feedback from different panels of professional orchestra musicians.
- play with your tutors and fellow students in smaller ensembles.

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