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Master class for flute by Prof. Andrea Lieberknecht


Posted: 05.06.2024

The course aims to convey how to achieve individual expression based on profound technique and understanding of the work. The course objectives are to be...

Closing date: 26.05.2025

Cubertou Flute Holiday with Philippa Davies & Jan Willem Nelleke


Posted: 01.01.2024

Enjoy getting the best out of your flute playing with this superb player/teacher. A mixture of workshops, small group playing, large ensemble and opportunities for...

Closing date: 28.08.2024

Ghiani – Careddu – Fromanger ● Flute Annual Master 2023/2024


Posted: 22.08.2023

MARTHA • Music ART House Academy ● Each annual master’s program includes 8 SESSIONS● With Riccardo Ghiani, Silvia Careddu and Benoit Fromanger● 3 types of...

Closing date: 31.07.2024

GHIANI – CAREDDU – FROMANGER ● Flute Annual Master 2023/2024


Posted: 02.08.2023

MARTHA • Music ART House Academy ● Each annual master’s program includes 8 SESSIONS● With Riccardo Ghiani, Silvia Careddu and Benoit Fromanger● 3 types of...

Closing date: 31.07.2024

S.Careddu, C.Tonelli, C.Bucchini – Post graduate Course


Posted: 24.07.2023

Scuola di Musica di FiesoleSilvia Careddu – 3 sessions, Chiara Tonelli – 3 sessions, Claudia Bucchini 2 sessions.Daily tecnique, repertoire and orchestral excerpts. At the...

Closing date: 31.07.2024

Flute: workshops, masterclasses and courses

Without a mentor, learning the flute can quickly turn from enjoyable to frustrating...
Frenetic breathing that leaves you feeling out of breath and on the verge of passing out?
If you scream and crack between high and low notes, do the dogs next door start howling.
Poor tone that never seems to get better?
Discomfort or pain in your mouth, hands, back or arms while you play?
Learning flute on your own, you can spend more time searching Facebook groups, YouTube and blogs for piece-meal flute courses than actually learning and playing. But with a tutor you can do more.
Learn the subtle changes you can make to your embouchure shape, air speed, direction, and positioning to produce clear and beautiful sound from the lowest to highest notes.
Overcome feelings of self-doubt and performance anxiety. Gain the confidence to join a playing group in your community or church or work towards music examination levels.
The struggle with knowing what to practice and how to do it successfully is over. We assist you in getting back on track with consistent playing so you can rediscover your love for the flute. You can now put your practice to good use. Learn how the foundations of beautiful flute playing are posture, breathing, embouchure flexibility, scales, and tone.

Music masterclasses
Master class is a unique opportunity to receive advice for your further musical and career development, to perform with outstanding soloists and conductors in some of concert halls, as well as expanding and developing your international network.
The course starts from the basics of assembling a flute and embouchure technique, so beginners will get a strong foundation. However, intermediate flute players can also benefit greatly from the course.

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It has workshops starting from the basics of assembling the flute and playing the notes, along with loads of other content to aid your flute education. You can also watch videos with exercises and scales that make practice sessions interesting and varied. There are podcast episodes, where tutor talks about their experiences and learnings as a flutist.


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