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Maestro Martin Sieghart & Győr Philharmonic Orchestra


Posted: 23.03.2024

Brahms: Symphony No 3, Beethoven: Violin Concerto, Schubert: Symphony No 4. Summer Masterclass with Maestro Martin Sieghart & Győr Philharmonic Orchestra ( is suitable for...

Closing date: 20.06.2024

Berlioz Symphonie fantastique with Maestro Tomas Netopil & Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra


Posted: 17.03.2024

The 6-day intensive course for conductors offers conductors an excellent opportunity to study Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique with Maestro Tomas Netopil and Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra...

Closing date: 30.08.2024

8th International Masterclass Conducting Technique


Posted: 01.01.2024

This masterclass offers lessons ranging from the basic principles of the technique until the most complicated technical issues. It will be held in a beautiful...

Closing date: 23.08.2024

St Andrews Advanced Conducting Course with Sian Edwards


Posted: 22.11.2023

The St Andrews Advanced Conducting Course (18 - 21 July 2024) welcomes emerging conductors of all ages and nationalities to study with Honorary Professor of...

Closing date: 21.07.2024

Contemporary-Conducting Program


Posted: 09.11.2023

The Contemporary-Conducting Program is a three-week-long development program for young, talented conductors with a particular focus on contemporary music. The four selected conductors will become...

Closing date: 09.09.2024

National Master Orchestral Conducting


Posted: 23.10.2023

The National Master of Music in Orchestral Conducting is a prestigious two-year master’s programme offered jointly by the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Royal Conservatoire...

Closing date: 01.07.2026

Conducting masterclasses, workshops and courses

Learn a variety of conducting techniques as well as the strategic communication abilities required for conducting successfully. You will have the chance to work with and direct one or more of our flagship ensembles during practice and performances as a conducting student. No matter which degree you are pursuing as an undergraduate, you can take conducting as an elective. The courses guarantee a logical sequence to pursue conducting in postgraduate study.

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The courses reflect the core belief that underpins all of the world-class conducting programmes: conductors learn best by conducting other musicians. All participants will conduct at least twice each day, working with student ensembles.
Typical participants will be current, recent, or prospective students of a full-time conducting course; professional musicians for whom conducting is part of a performing or teaching career; and those involved in amateur music making.
Learn how to pull every ounce of musicality from yourself and your ensemble with conducting course. tutors cover numerous exercises that will help you master hand independence, phrasing, dynamic contrast, subdivision, and numerous other topics. No matter what type or size of ensemble you conduct, this course will truly help you perfect your conducting style and prowess.

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Additionally, spend less while taking courses! Private master classes cost a lot of money. Conducting a course gives you access to a full year's worth of masterclasses at a significantly reduced cost and at your convenience.
Control your entire range of motion, from your feet to your head
Discover how all of your bodies hinges effect expression
Emphasize multiple stylistic motions
Learn how to select and hold a baton
Cover relaxed but commanding posture
Apply style and musicianship to any phrase or pattern
Master numerous advanced techniques like dead beats, subdivision, pauses, releases, tempo changes, and more!


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