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Campus Emili Pujol – Guitar Clinic


Posted 23.04.2023

Estancias para la investigación corporal del equilibrio físico/psíquico combinado con el estudio metódico de guitarra clásica bajo la filosofía pedagógica del maestro Pujol. Convivencias en...

Closed by 27.07.2023

Classical Guitar (for ages 12-17)


Posted 01.04.2023

This summer school is for young guitarists aged 12+ who want to spend a week playing guitar and focusing on improving their technical and musical...

Closed by 28.07.2023

Admission to Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts courses 2023-24


Posted 05.01.2023

CONDITIONS FOR THE 2023-2024 ADMISSIONSAdmission examinations will be based on a video recording sent by applicants, except for the following main subjects : - Orchestral...

Closed by 30.06.2024

Guitar: masterclasses, workshops and courses

Masterclasses on the guitar are a hybrid of a performance and a lesson. They take place in front of an audience on stage. You play the first song you've chosen to perform for them. The public lesson on your performance will then follow.
But it’s not an usual lesson that takes place with an audience. The masterclass content is geared towards performance and the stage. Making the most what can be learned in this unique lesson experience. So if you want to break through some boundaries with playing in front of others, learn ideas to impress your friends, or aim at performing.

Music masterclasses
This course is designed to introduce classical guitar technique to beginners, near-beginners, and students brushing up on previous experience with the guitar. The course will consist of fundamental right- and left-hand technique and basic music reading applied to the guitar. Ensemble playing and learning will be emphasized and solo playing encouraged. Part of the class will be devoted to the literature of classical guitar, which tutor will approach by studying the great performers and composers of the past and present. You will discuss the careers of major players and their impact on the field. Engaged listening will be encouraged via listening lists and recommended recordings.

Classified Ads: Classical Music
Can you keep your focus without regular masterclasses? The guitar courses set you up with enough idea to keep you going for a while. Then you can come back when you are ready to the next step. And though it is a group session there will also be plenty of individual time and focus dispersed throughout the day. Each subject and set of ideas the day is focused around guides the structure. Some days are built around time with your guitar in hand and getting your fingers around the techniques. Others are more discussion based. Whichever it is, you can be sure the day has had lots of thought and experience go into offering you something special.


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