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Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava opens FRENCH HORN position in its International Orchestral Academy


Posted: 03.06.2024

Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, based in Ostrava is one of the leading symphonic orchestras of the Czech Republic. Long orchestral tradition, typical bohemian sound and progressive...

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Per-Service Section Horn


Posted: 03.06.2024

Per-service position2024-25 per-service rate: $178.56*Guaranteed minimum: 65 servicesAudition date: Thursday, September 19, 2024This will be a one-day audition. All rounds will take place on the...

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Section Horn (2nd)


Posted: 03.06.2024

Core orchestra2024-25 salary: $47,473.60 + Benefits*Audition date: Wednesday, September 18, 2024This will be a one-day audition. All rounds will take place on the same day.Employment...

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Secondo corno con obbligo del quarto e a seguire


Posted: 10.05.2024

La Fondazione Teatro Massimo di Palermo indice procedure selettive pubbliche, per titoli e per esami, per l’eventuale assunzione a tempo indeterminato di:• n. 1 professore...

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French horn: audition and classical music jobs

A common choice for a variety of musical genres, particularly symphonic bands and the orchestra, is the French horn. It is highly favored for its mellow, marginally less brash sound, and it stands out loudly when combined with other instruments. Without the right information, choosing the best French horn can be a mixed bag of experience, especially with all the endless options saturating the market.
Jobs for French horn players include both teaching and tutoring positions and performance roles. As a teacher, you can work in a high school or university where they provide formal instruction in the French horn. You can also teach or tutor at a music school or offer private lessons for students who want to learn or practice the instrument. Your duties vary depending on the level of the students that you teach. If you perform with the French horn, you can play during live performances or participate in recording sessions. Some French horn players have both teaching and performing responsibilities.

The qualifications that you need to get a music job as a French horn player include skills in your instrument, a fine arts degree, and experience teaching or performing. College-level teachers need at least a master’s degree, while high school teachers need a bachelor’s degree and a teaching license. Private music school teachers and tutors need a degree or equivalent experience. Orchestra performers typically audition, and some employers expect you to submit audio files of past performances. Performers typically have a degree from a music conservatory or university, but this is not technically mandatory.
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There are some unique skills, which a musician get when they start playing French horn:
Make a good sound 
Making music is a fun and sociable activity and after just a few weeks you will be ready to make music with others.
Play well-known tunes 
When you have learnt just a few notes, you will be able to play a selection of tunes in different musical styles. 
Learn to read musical notation 
As you learn to play different tunes, you will also be introduced to musical notation. As you become more confident reading music, a whole world of musical opportunities will open up! 
Make music with others
Making music is a fun and sociable activity. After just a few weeks you will be able to make music with others.

The french horn is one of the most stunning and impressive musical instruments in the symphony orchestra, known for its warm, velvety, and endearing sound. As for the name, it is derived from the Latin word cornu, which means horn of an animal. It received this name because of its shape. It is a brass aerophone instrument with a spiral shape that ends in a large open bell. More specifically, it is divided into five main parts: main body, bell, mouthpipe, mouthpiece and valve system. Composers use the french horn for its charming and incredible sound, whilst there are many well-known solos that have been written about this rare and remarkable instrument. But, what is the history behind the french horn? How, from an outdoor instrument, did it become a fundamental instrument for the art of music?

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The list of international music schools includes education to become a French horn player:
1. University of Connecticut
2. University of North Texas
3. University of Colorado Boulder
4. Pompeu Fabra University
5. Utrecht University
6. University of Amsterdam
7. University of Helsinki
8. Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming
9. The Glenn Gould School
10. Senzoku Gakuen

French Horn Societies:
1. International Horn Society
2. British Horn Society
3. Perth Horn Society
4. International Horn Society of North Carolina

The most famous French horn players in the world:
1. Radek Baborak
2. Hermann Baumann
3. Stefan Dohr
4. Sarah Willis
5. Dale Clevenger
6. Dennis Brain
7. Barry Tuckwell

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