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Blechrausch: In the rush of the depths


Posted: 27.02.2024

The BDB Academy has been running the workshops “In the Intoxication of the Deep” and “Total Trumpet” for over 15 years. The two courses have...

Closing date: 08.12.2024

Mario Barsotti – Post graduate Course


Posted: 24.07.2023

Scuola di Musica di Fiesole8 sessions.Instrumental technique and orchestral excerpts.Objective of the course: Improvement of the instrument approach and preparation for audition and orchestral competitions.Admissions:...

Closing date: 31.07.2024

Tuba: masterclasses, workshops and courses

Individualized advanced tuba instruction makes up the course. The emphasis in instruction is on musicality and technique. Students take a studio class once a week, where they have the chance to perform for other students.
Course Objectives:
1. The student will advance his/her musical and technical abilities.
2. The student will be exposed to a wide variety of musical styles, practices, and concepts applicable to the tuba.
3. The student will participate in performances and receive constructive feedback for such performances.
4. Through disciplined practice and study, giving and hearing performances, and interacting with others in a musical setting, the student will develop and nurture in each student a respect for him/herself, the instrument, it's music, and his/her colleagues.
The term used refers to a student's active involvement. The ability of each student to apply the knowledge acquired throughout the semester through lectures, studio sessions, performances, etc. will ultimately determine success in the Tuba course.

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Depending on each student's background and development, different texts, pieces of music, and other materials may be needed. All solo literature, books, excerpts, and other materials given by the professor must be acquired by the student in a timely manner. A metronome, tuner, and any applicable valve and slide oil are required for all students. It is also recommended that each student keep a notebook or journal in which to keep track of assignments or other pertinent information, as well as a recording device. Any materials that are lent to a student by the instructor must be returned by the end of the semester to avoid a grade penalty.

Music masterclasses
Students will be present at all masterclasses, studio courses, and required events. Absence will be allowed without penalty in a rare circumstance of illness or another situation beyond the student’s control (i.e. wedding, death in the family, accident, course sanctioned event, etc.). If a student cannot attend a lesson, studio class, or required event, you should contact the professor prior to the required event, or as soon as possible. Absence without the professor’s consent will result in an assigned grade of F for that lesson or event and will be reflected in the student’s final grade, in accordance with the grading scale listed below. Active participation in Tuba masterclasses, master courses, ensembles, and attending recitals is essential to the growth of each of you as musicians.


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