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Violin Masterclasses with Sergei Dogadin and Boris Kuschnir


Posted 13.01.2023

After the success of the last Masterclass session in November, the great violinist and teacher SERGEI DOGADIN will be back again at the Katarina Gurska...

Closed by 05.02.2023

Masterclasses on Schiermonnikoog


Posted 14.11.2022

Schiermonnikoog is already heating up for March 2023. We're looking forward to welcoming the next generation classical talent. As always, our six masters - Philippe...

Closed by 17.03.2023

Stauffer Artist Diploma – Accademia Stauffer


Posted 27.07.2022

Accademia Stauffer is one of Italy's most prestigious music institutions, an international reference point in higher education for string players (violin, viola, cello, double bass)...

Closed by 09.06.2023

Concertmaster Artist Diploma – Accademia Stauffer


Posted 27.07.2022

Accademia Stauffer proudly renovates the Concertmaster Artist Diploma, the first advanced training program in the world for Concertmaster role.This course offers a unique opportunity to...

Closed by 07.07.2023

NEW Irish Chamber Orchestra Scholarship awards! Masters Limerick


Posted 27.07.2022

This unique 2 yr course is designed for gifted string players as the final step towards a professional career.The aim is to finesse solo, chamber...

Closed by 10.05.2024

ONLINE Victory Academy for excellence, Prof. Viktoria Kaunzner


Posted 06.06.2021

Exquisite violin instructions and insights from a world-wide performing violin soloist and composer, chamber musician, concert master and professor following the tradition of a true...

Closed by 31.12.2024

Violin: masterclasses, workshops and courses

Did you know that learning the violin has many advantages in addition to the advantages of learning music? Learning how to have better posture and social skills, which are occasionally overlooked in today's world of computers and smartphones, are some of the advantages.
The individual violin courses are highly personalized course tailored to the progress and learning ability of each student. Emphasis is placed on developing good posture and ease of movements at the early stage. Students will then continue to revise and enhance their technique while taking on more challenging repertoire as they progress.
Violin Beginner
Play the violin with a balanced and relaxed posture.
Develop good tone by understanding bow distribution, speed, weight, and sounding point.
Develop good intonation by understanding the function of the left hand and fingers, learn to listen for pitch accuracy.
Parts of the instrument and its maintenance.
Learn to hold the violin and the bow.
Learn basic bow strokes and articulations (i.e. detache, martele, staccato, slur).
Get exposed to various musical styles.
Play the violin with different dynamic levels.
Review and improve technique through scales, etudes, studies, and technical exercises.
Get exposed to more musical styles.
Be prepared to play technically challenging pieces.
Develop effective vibrato.
Learn to shift beyond the third position.
Learn to sight read.
Learn to shift up to the third position.
Violin Intermediate
Learn advanced bow techniques.
Violin Advanced
Learn standard concert repertoire.
Achieve good understanding on all musical styles.
Maintain good command on all violin techniques.
Develop mature musicianship and showmanship.
Get exposed to playing in different ensembles or orchestras.

Classical music courses
Violin courses are a unique opportunity to receive advice for your further musical and career development, to perform with outstanding soloists and conductors in some concert halls, as well as expanding and developing your international network.


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