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SOLOIST WITH ORCHESTRA-Masterclasses and concert with Orchestra


Posted 05.01.2023

Soloist with OrchestraMasterclasses with renowed Soloists and Maestri from the best Academies and Musical Institution from all over the world:Royal Academy, Tel Aviv University, Sibelius...

Closed by 30.10.2023

Chopin Sessions 2023 Masterclasses & Concerts


Posted 01.11.2022

Professors: Jacques Rouvier/ Michał Białk/ Oscar Martin CastroThe Chopin Sessions will be held at Conservatori Professional de Musica de Felanitx. Each participant will receive 6...

Closed by 16.04.2023

Piano: workshops, masterclasses and courses

Piano basics, including learning to read notes, read rhythms, play scales, play fundamental chords, and other skills necessary to play any style of music, are the main focus of piano masterclasses. This is a fantastic way to get anyone interested in playing.
Piano course provides students with individualized training in basic piano technique, musical notation, history, and culture. It is designed to develop skills both individually and in small groups. Students will have the opportunity to explore repertoire from different cultures and historical periods as they learn the basics of note reading and performance technique. A command of the basic elements of music is developed through exercises in composing and arranging. Students will also learn about influential musicians from the past and present who have contributed to the development of the instrument. Students needs no prior experience playing the piano to enroll in the Piano course.

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Skills for Success addressed in this course include:
Thinking skills: students will think creatively to solve musical problems and achieve goals.
Communication skills: students will evaluate selected musical compositions.
Learning skills: students will practice and evaluate performance skills.
Students will formulate, apply, and communicate criteria for evaluating performances.
Interpersonal skills: students will work together in small groups to achieve common goals.
Technology skills: students will learn the fundamentals of standard musical notation in both treble and bass clefs.

Classical music courses
The Piano masterclasses offers a comprehensive and broad-ranging programme aimed at talented pianists who wish to expand their horizons and playing capability. The course is designed to give a holistic introduction to the musical, mental and physical skills needed to grow as a pianist and is suitable for those who aspire to study at conservatoire, university and professional level as well as those who simply wish to hone their skills in an atmosphere which is fun, supportive and encouraging.


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