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A tubaist or tubist is a musician who plays the tuba in America. In the UK, a person who plays the tuba in an orchestra is simply referred to as a tuba player, while they are known as a bass player in a brass band or military band.
An orchestra usually has a single tuba, though an additional tuba may be asked for. It serves as the bass of the orchestral brass section and it can reinforce the bass voices of the strings and woodwinds. It provides the bass of brass quintets and choirs (though many small brass ensembles will use the euphonium or bass trombone as the lowest voice). It is the principal bass instrument in concert bands, brass bands and military bands, and those ensembles generally have two to four tubas. It is also a solo instrument.
Tubas are used in marching bands, drum and bugle corps and in many jazz bands (see below). In British style brass bands, two E♭ and two B tubas are used and are referred to as basses.

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While there are no requirements for becoming a tuba player in a symphony, most players have a bachelors degree – and even masters degree – to compete for the limited number of positions in this competitive field. In addition, the symphonies with the highest salaries typically aim to hire musicians from top conservatory training programs. The competitiveness for symphony spots seems as though it will only increase by 2030. Tuba players are in higher demand than other musicians because fewer musicians play the instrument, but are essential to complete an orchestra.

There is no denying that playing larger tubas is easier when one has a larger lung capacity. You can help to expand your lung capacity by setting aside some time each day for exercise. The best strategy would be to make exercise a habit, such as swimming or jogging. If this is not feasible, you might want to try deep breathing practice called abdominal breathing. If you practice breathing by using your abdominal muscles to fully exhale to the bottom of your abdomen, you will boost your lung capacity while also increasing control of your breath.
Singing and buzzing are incredibly important when preparing to play, so don’t become obsessed with just playing the instrument. Warm-up areas of your playing such as those ideas above.
If you are struggling to play something you are learning, don’t give up. There are ways to break down music which often overloads us with too much information, to begin with.
A great tip is to slow the steady pulse down and play the rhythm of a tricky section on every pitch of that same section. This reinforces the rhythm and builds familiarity with the pitches you need to learn.
This game multiplies the number of times you are playing that section all in one go. You are then left knowing the rhythm and understanding the pitches. Play again what is printed and it should all feel so much easier!
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The tuba is the biggest, and among the newest, of all the brass instruments. Tuba players create the low-pitched sound by making a kind of buzz with their breath against the mouthpiece and pressing the tubas valves to form notes. In an orchestra, a tuba player holds the instrument on her lap, while a tuba player in a marching band would use a sousaphone tuba, or helicon, a lighter tuba that can be worn across a shoulder.

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The list of international music schools includes Tuba education:
1. Northern Illinois University
2. University of Oregon
3. George Mason University
4. Johannes Kepler University Linz
5. University of Barcelona
6. University of Liege
7. Catholic University of Leuven
8. Guildhall School of Music and Drama
9. Vancouver Academy of Music
10. Osaka College of Music

Tuba Societies:
1. International Tuba – Euphonium Association
2. Golden Eagle Tuba Society
3. Continental Divide Tuba Society
4. Richmond Tuba Society
5. Oregon Tuba Association

The list of Tuba players and pedagogues includes following notable players:
1. Roger Bobo
2. Carol Jantsch
3. Alan Baer
4. Arnold Jacobs
5. Velvet Brown
6. Sam Pilafian

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