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Second Trombone and tutti (n. 1)


Posted 21.01.2023

Public selection procedure - International competitions and auditions for Orchestral members selection: Principal Doublebass with 5th string obligation and duty to replace (n. 1) -...

Closed by 28.02.2023

Principal Trombone (1) – Permanent


Posted 16.01.2023

InstitutionFondazione Teatro alla ScalaFull description Principal Trombone (1) – Permanent Number of positions1Type Permanent Application deadline January 31, 2023 Additional notes The Teatro alla Scala...

Closed by January 31, 2023

Bass Trombone


Posted 16.01.2023

OPENING: Bass Trombone DATE: Sunday, March 19, 2023START TIME: 10:00 AM (ET)PLACE: TBD venue in Lexington, KYAPPLY BY: Friday, March 10, 2023LEXINGTON PHILHARMONIC:The Lexington Philharmonic (LexPhil)...

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trombone solo


Posted 13.11.2022

1re catégorieConcours :Mercredi 15 Février 2023 à 10hDate limite d’inscription :Lundi 6 Février 2023Prise de fonction : 19 Mai 2023

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Trombone: audition and classical music jobs

Trombonists are musicians who specialize in playing the trombone. The trombone is a very common instrument in the musical world and is frequently used in orchestras and parades, so the music job is very well-liked in these settings. A trombonist will rarely play alongside other trombonists as the instrument tends to be very pronounced and doesn’t need the additional emphasis provided by adding more instruments to the arrangement. Trombonists typically play their instrument along with other instruments though.
The primary need a trombonist has is steady work. For many trombonists, this translates to trombone jobs in education. Some trombonists who obtain masters or doctoral degrees in education are fortunate enough to become employed as assistant or full time professors of trombone. These trombonists not only teach individual lessons, but also provide guidance and conducting assistance to groups such as trombone quartets or trombone choirs. These teachers usually enjoy the highest pay rate of any trombone teachers because they have a higher education level and a dependable number of students and hours to work.
The next best option after education for a trombonist who occasionally needs a stable job is to work as an instrument developer or repairman in a music store or manufacturing company. Those who work in music shops have to be able to demonstrate trombones to prospective buyers and must understand what features should be paired with particular student needs. They have to have excellent communication and service skills and may help place orders or track inventory. Trombone repairmen in music shops have to have a basic understanding of how the trombone works in order to fix basic problems such as sticking slides or a dented bell.

The Bachelor of Music (BM) in Trombone Performance prepares students to aggressively audition for full time work in an orchestra, military band, to be involved with a professional chamber group or pursue a solo career. The BM student has always had a desire to compete and gains a sense of thrill from the prospect of auditioning. He or she wants nothing more than to sit in a professional orchestra or ensemble and is prepared to risk certain social freedoms for this cause. This kind of student develops a terrific sense of accomplishment from long hours in the practice room and looks forward to their moment on the stage. The BM candidate must be able to handle rejection frequently and with tenacious confidence. This degree candidate usually continues on to graduate school in hopes of increasing his or her chances of winning an audition for a professional ensemble.
Orchestra Audition: Trombonist, job postings and music listings

Orchestra jobs

To work as a trombonist – and be successful at it – one needs to build up enough experience in playing the instrument in order to be allowed into some renowned orchestras and other employers that work with trombonists. Good trombonists would usually see a quick advancement in their career prospects, as they would usually be noticed relatively quickly and will be assisted by more experienced musicians in progressing with their skills.
The qualifications to get a trombone job include proficiency with playing the instrument and relevant experience. If you plan to pursue a teaching music jobs, some employers may require that you have a postsecondary degree in music, previous teaching experience, or a state license. You should also have strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as the ability to read music so that you can learn new material or teach music to others. To be successful with playing the trombone at a professional level, you must have excellent notation and rhythm, executive and tonal abilities, and creativity.

The trombone, or large trumpet in Italian, is a lower voice in the brass wind ensemble. Unlike the trumpet that started as a simple tube and now has valves, the trombone was always operated with a slide. This allows the player to change the pitch of the instrument by changing the length of the instrument. The same thing can be accomplished with valves, but the slide allows an infinite number of degrees of change. The problem of reaching the lowest note depends on the length of your arm!

Salary for musician jobs - Trombone

The list of international music schools includes Trombone education:
1. Tufts University
2. University of South Carolina – Columbia
3. Syracuse University
4. University of Tubingen
5. University of Luxembourg
6. Pompeu Fabra University
7. Utrecht University
8. Royal College of Music
9. Turkish Band NCO Higher Vocational School
10. Musashino Academia Musicae

Trombone Societies:
1. British Trombone Society
2. International Trombone Association
3. Ohio University Trombone Society
4. UNI Trombone Society

The list of Trombone players and pedagogues includes following notable players:
1. Glenn Miller
2. Tommy Dorsey
3. Gunhild Carling
4. Jack Teagarden
5. Fred Wesley

Performance jobs.

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