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Bratsche (2) – Internship


Posted 28.05.2023

Additional notes Two viola internship positions are available in the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra.The intern must be enrolled at a European music university and present a...

Closed by June 8, 2023

Associate Principal Viola


Posted 07.05.2023

1.Applicants should be in good health; applicants should be passionate and professional;2.Applicants should have bachelor’s degree or above;3.Applicants who’s nationality is not China, should meet...

Closed by 07.06.2023

Sub-principal viola


Posted 01.04.2023

Permanent employment based on a 6-month trial period. We offer varied work as a musician in Wermland Opera’s Orchestra, which, with its 34 full-time employed...

Closed by 05.06.2023

Alto du rang


Posted 01.04.2023

3e catégorieConcours : Lundi 3 Juillet 2023 à 10hDate limite d’inscription : Vendredi 23 juin 2023Prise de fonction : 11 Octobre 2023

Closed by 23.06.2023

viola tutti


Posted 21.03.2023

Rehearsals and performance for concerts or for audio & videoIf you have any questions,please contact

Closed by 01.05.2024

Viola (tutti) – Substitute


Posted 19.03.2023

Viola (tutti) - Substitute

Closed by 02.06.2023

Viola – Academy


Posted 12.03.2023

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra Academy is an outstanding programme which nurtures the finest early-career professional orchestral musiciansintroducing them to multi-faceted experiences and preparing them for a...

Closed by 03.06.2023



Posted 29.01.2023

Rehearsals and performancefor concerts or for audio & video recordings customizedfor performance seasons, art festivals and any show of public welfares.

Closed by 01.06.2023

Viola: audition and classical music jobs

A musician who plays the viola professionally is known as a viola player. The viola, a member of the violin family, produces mid-range tones that are typically somewhere between the strength of a regular violin and a cello. Viola players are employed by orchestras and other common types of organizations/bands that utilize the sounds of the violin and its related instruments – in recent times, it has seen its use in some more contemporary styles of music and is becoming increasingly more popular.
Perhaps Violists get overlooked because they often play the supporting role in orchestral arrangements. If you’re a Violist, you end up performing more backup parts and fewer solos. But your instrument offers a cross between the high notes of a violin and the tenor of a cello, letting you serve as the string that knits together the whole orchestra. Without you, the flavor of a piece of music falls completely flat.
This just means you’re extremely proficient at practicing your craft. It’s easy to play the melody, but it takes a talented ear to be able to accurately produce the harmonies. The good news is as one of the few types of Musicians who have to read and play alto clef, you have a niche in the music market. While the violin is more popular, accomplished Violists are more sought after, giving you an easier boost into a spot performing with the orchestra of your dreams.
Orchestra vacancies: viola player, job board and listings

Orchestra jobs

Becoming a viola player isn’t difficult from the path followed by most other types of musicians – it usually starts with an early interest in the instrument – many successful viola players have been practicing since their young years – and in some cases continues with formal education at a musical school. When they reach a certain level of skill, viola players frequently become very well-known and sought-after, which makes the profession a very appealing one for people looking for lucrative employment and promising futures.

Hiring criteria is very similar to enrollment standards, and playing the viola for extra cash during your college years gives you real-world experience in handling business pressures. You can add your music experience to your resume, demonstrating to future employers your success in performing a number of marketable skills, such as:
Teamwork Ability: Playing viola in an ensemble requires group harmony, without it, the performance suffers and no one will want to listen. This methodology transfers directly to the music jobs market. Companies and associations need members who possess both the willingness and the propensity to work well with others. By highlighting this aspect of your years playing the viola, you gain an advantage over other applicants.
Leadership Potential: When playing the viola for weddings, banquets, and other formal occasions, you gain practical leadership experience. It requires scheduling, time management, preparation, and coordination skills to perform for any steady length of time. It also requires you to think on your feet and be able to make flexible decisions to get the job done. Even if you can only take jobs during the summer break, this type of involvement will display your leadership potential.

The viola looks like a large violin and in terms of its construction it is more or less the same. In common with all string instruments, there are no fixed dimensions for a viola and both players and makers will have their own preferences. The bigness’ of the sound produced has much more to do with the woods and varnish used than the actual size of the instrument (the player makes quite a difference too!). Different types of wood such as sycamore, spruce and maple are carefully selected for their grain and density.

Salary for musician jobs - Viola

The list of international music schools includes Viola education:
1. University of Hartford
2. Columbia University
3. Ohio State University
4. KTH Royal Institute of Technology
5. University of Ljubljana
6. University of Jyvaskyla
7. Ghent University
8. Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
9. Victoria Conservatory of Music
10. Senzoku Gakuen

Viola Societies:
1. International Viola Society
2. British Viola Society
3. American Viola Society
4. PhilaDELphia Viola Society
5. Northern California Viola Society

The list of Viola players and pedagogues includes following notable players:
1. Paul Hindemith
2. Carl Stamitz
3. William Primrose
4. Kim Kashkashian
5. Tabea Zimmerman

Performance jobs.

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