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Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava opens PERCUSSION position in its International Orchestral Academy


Posted: 03.06.2024

Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava, based in Ostrava is one of the leading symphonic orchestras of the Czech Republic. Long orchestral tradition, typical bohemian sound and progressive...

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A person who makes a lot of noise is called a timpanist. In this position, you play the timpani, a type of kettledrum with a skin stretched over a large bowl, as well as occasionally other percussion instruments as part of an orchestra. You’re well trained in percussion, and you probably have a love for large, grandiose orchestral music. You might be able to rock out on the drums, but that’s not where your interests lie.
The Percussion Director will:
work closely with the Marching Band Director and the other staff members to develop a sound program, including
uniform, floor, and prop design.
design programs that effectively complement and enhance the visual and musical program.
evaluate members abilities and assigns student equipment performance accordingly.
attend all rehearsals and performances to instruct members in fundamental and advanced snare, tenor, bass, and keyboard techniques.
teach members program material.
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To become a percussion teacher or timpanist, you must complete a number of educational requirements. They usually study music, general education, specific areas or education. 72% of percussion teachers, directors and timpanists hold a bachelors degree and 14% hold a high school diploma.

As a Timpanist, you likely began your training with a snare drum, which is a good introduction to your work as the driving rhythm of a large orchestra. You might also have some experience playing the piano or guitar, giving you knowledge of music beyond percussion, and improving your overall musicianship.

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Percussion instructor must:
Effective time management and organizational skills to keep students on task in a lesson
Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with a variety of personalities
Experienced performer (either solo or group)
Demonstrate an understanding of music concepts and be able to communicate those concepts effectively to students
Must have an advanced understanding of music theory and technique relevant to primary instrument
Experience working with youth and/or beginning musicians
Ability to interact effectively with children and adults

The modern timpani is a type of low-pitched percussion instrument that typically includes four to five drums in the set, each with the ability to be tuned to different pitches. The timpani requires a pair of mallets to be struck on the head of the drum to produce a sound. The term timpani translates to drums in Italian. Although the term itself is a description of the instrument type, the timpani definition specifically refers to the large orchestral kettledrums that come in sets of various sizes and is not a blanket term for the timpani instrument family.
The timpani has a uniquely resonant low-pitched sound. It is typically used to express excitement and signal climatic moments in the music. Often paired with brass and other powerful instruments, the timpani adds depth and energy to the orchestral sound.

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The list of international music schools includes timpani education:
1. Columbia University
2. Ohio State University
3. University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign
4. Pompeu Fabra University
5. Utrecht University
6. University of Amsterdam
7. University of Helsinki
8. Birmingham Ormiston Academy
9. Canadian Conservatory of Music
10. Kunitachi College of Music

Percussion and Timpani Societies:
1. Percussive Arts Society
2. Minnesota Percussion Association
3. Percussion Association of Singapore
4. Boston Musicians Association

The most famous timpani musicians:
Timothy Adams, timpanist for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Cloyd Duff, timpanist for the Cleveland Orchestra
Oskar Schwar, from the Philadelphia Orchestra
Fred Hinger, one of the great percussion authorities as well as instrument designers
Saul Goodman, timpanist in the New York Philharmonic orchestra
Vic Firth, musician and the founder of a company that manufactures percussion sticks and mallets
Werner Tharichen, legendary timpanist of the Berlin Philharmonic

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