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Cello (1) – Internship


Posted 28.05.2023

Additional notes A cello internship position is available in the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra.The intern must be enrolled at a European music academy and present a...

Closed by June 8, 2023

Violoncello (tutti) (1) – Permanent


Posted 28.05.2023

Mandatory pieces •   J. Haydn: Concerto in D majorOptional pieces •   Great romantic concertOrchestral excerpts •   B. Smetana: The Bartered Bride•   L. v. Beethoven: Symphony No. 5, slow movement•   J....

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Violoncello (tutti) (1) – Temporary


Posted 28.05.2023

Additional notes The following position (full-time) m/f/d is to be filled: temporary for a fixed-term contract (contract period from 08/17/2023 to 01/31/2024) a(n )Violoncello (tutti)...

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Co-Principal Cello


Posted 26.05.2023

The deadline for the videoround is September 6th, 2023;the stage audition for selected candidates will be held on November 6th, 2023 at 14:30 P.M. in...

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Cello, Permanent Position


Posted 26.05.2023

The Vratsa Symphony Orchestra is a European (EU) orchestra based in Vratsa, Bulgaria. We have an open full-time, permanent position for an orchestral Cello player....

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recrute Violoncelle du rang (3 postes)


Posted 24.04.2023

orchestre national de lille recrute Violoncelle du rang (3 postes) Catégorie 3Concours >Lundi 10 juillet 2023 (1er tour) et Mardi 11 juillet 2023 (2ème et 3ème tours)...

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Violoncello di fila


Posted 13.04.2023

La Fondazione Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia indice, ai sensi dell’articolo 4, comma 2, del Contratto Collettivo di Lavoro per il personale dipendente dalla Fondazione...

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Cello Solo


Posted 13.04.2023


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Cello (tutti) – Substitute


Posted 19.03.2023

Cello (tutti) - Substitute

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Cello – Academy


Posted 12.03.2023

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra Academy is an outstanding programme which nurtures the finest early-career professional orchestral musiciansintroducing them to multi-faceted experiences and preparing them for a...

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Cello: audition and classical music jobs

One of the most adored classical music instruments is the cello. Other string instruments are much simpler to study and learn, but nothing compares to the cellos warm, rich sound and wide repertoire, which is closely related to the range of a human voice.
A cellist is someone who plays the cello professionally, usually as a part of a large symphony orchestra. An orchestra will normally include a number of cellists, not just one, and that number will vary depending on the types of works the orchestra normally plays, but will generally be around ten. A cellist learns the pieces he/she will be playing and also times their performance with that of other cellists and other musicians in the orchestra as well. The cello is sometimes one of the most important instruments in a composition, and the performance of the cellist(s) in those cases is crucial to the success of the entire orchestra.
Orchestra Audition: cello, job postings and listings

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Every professional started as a beginner. And as someone new in playing the cello, you’ll have to go through the process until you have finally mastered your craft. Don’t get bothered with the scratchy sounds you produce while you practice; that’s normal for every beginner. Celebrate your small steps and enjoy playing the instrument.

A cellist will either be self-taught or will have attended musical school. Regardless, the only strict requirement for finding employment as a cellist is displaying knowledge and experience with playing the instrument. Perfecting the cello can take many years, usually more than the other instruments employed in an orchestra, due to the different styles of playing available, as well as the complexity of the instrument itself. Skilled cellists are usually highly regarded.
To become a cellist, you must complete a number of educational requirements. Cellists usually study music, music performance or general education, specific areas. 67% of cellists hold a bachelors degree and 21% hold a masters degree.

When the cello is played well, it is an extraordinarily beautiful, wonderful instrument. But making it sound like that is not an easy task. In fact, playing the cello well, is an extremely complicated activity requiring a combination of specific and highly developed physical, intellectual and emotional skills that very few other activities come anywhere near to. On this page we will be looking at the physical skills required for good cello playing: which we generally refer to as technique.
An instrument, like a language, is best (easiest) learned young. A child who has the luck to have a fine teacher, can grow with, and adapt to the instrument intuitively and effortlessly, learning and mastering the instrument with relative ease and naturalness largely through copying. After the end of childhood, however, learning and improving our instrumental skills becomes a much more difficult task. It requires more conscious effort and more intellectual understanding.

Large stringed instruments like the viola, violin, double bass, and bass violin are related to the cello. The name cello is a shortening of violoncello, and is sometimes written with an apostrophe as cello. The cello is usually played with a bow, as the violin, although it may also be plucked.
The earliest origins of the cello date back to the mid-16th century, when a three-stringed bass violin was created. For the next hundred years a number of pieces were composed for this instrument, which was usually meant to be played in concert with a violin.

Salary for musician jobs - cello

The list of international music schools includes cello education:
1. Michigan State University
2. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
3. University of California - Los Angeles
4. University of Oslo
5. Norwegian University of Science and Technology
6. University of Milan
7. Lund University
8. Wells Cathedral School
9. Conservatoire de musique du Québec à Québec
10. Tokyo College of Music‎

The Violoncello Society aims to promote the art of cello, provide a common meeting ground for professional and amateur cellists, promote interest in the cello as a solo instrument, provide opportunity of performances for artist and composer, develop a broader and more mature understanding of the art of the cello, and further the members artistic development. For example, Cello Societies:
1. Violoncello Society of New York.
2. London Cello Society.
3. Hong Kong Cellist Society.
4. The Kindler Cello Society.

Yo-Yo Ma is considered to be the most outstanding living cellist today. He was a child prodigy raised in New York City and performed before live audiences since age five.
Often said to be the greatest cellist of all time, Mstislav Rostropovich was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1927. Rostropovich’s family were all composers, cellists, or pianists, and he grew to become a virtuoso cellist and a significant influence on the cello players of today.
Born into a home of musicians, Luigi Boccherini had cello skills that flourished during the Classical Era, Italy.

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