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Artista del Coro – Contralto/Chorus artist – Alto


Posted: 29.04.2024

Procedura Selettiva Pubblica per eventuale assunzione a tempo indeterminato nel CORO del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino nel ruolo di “CONTRALTO”/Procedura Selettiva Pubblica per eventuale assunzione a...

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Alto: audition and classical music jobs

In vocal music, the term alto refers to the range that roughly straddles the F below the middle C and the 2nd D above. It is the second highest voice part in a four-part vocal. The highest male voice, which also sang falsetto, was originally referred to as an alto.
Essentially, to sing the alto line(s) in whatever music the choir is performing. The role of the alto line in a piece of choral music is a many-splendored thing, chiefly because of the variety of colour that an alto can produce. Unimaginative composers frequently use altos to fill out the harmony, resulting in deathly dull or horribly angular lines. But the best composers of choral music know how to use the alto voice to beef up the sound of the sopranos by doubling them an octave lower, or lighten the tenors or basses by doubling them at pitch or an octave higher. Alto lines are usually more chromatic than the other parts, and they dont often get the melody, so they have to be excellent sight-singers.

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They usually have an earthier sense of humour than sopranos, who can be a bit up themselves. Its usually the altos making the tea and bringing the biscuits at rehearsals, too. No doubt this is the source of all the motherly, matronly roles they get written for them in operas.
Many colleges and universities offer majors in vocal performance, vocal study, and opera as part of a Bachelor of Music degree. Auditions, either in person or by submission of recorded material, are generally required. Some schools assign audition materials within certain parameters. In some cases, youll need to arrange for your own accompaniment.

Your voice performance curriculum will include technical training that focuses on developing your skills and stage presence for public performances.

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Youll need to have excellent professional choral and solo singing abilities. You will also need to have good interpersonal skills and the ability to work collaboratively as part of a diverse team. You will be required to demonstrate a high commitment to maintain the reputation of the Alto Singers and respect for others by being ready to perform at the start of every session.
If you genuinely want to be an alto, you should focus on enriching the quality of the voice. Chest Voice’ is used a lot in alto. Think on the lines of having a more open and also a fuller tone. The higher you go on a scale, the lighter a tone becomes. If you are an alto, there is a great deal of warmth and also a great deal of resonance. You really should be skilled in supporting those lower notes so that while execution, they sound beautiful and are audible.
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Alto in four-part music is the higher of the inner voices between tenor and soprano. Explore the definition, vocal range, and comparisons of alto and discover using inner voices and the alto voice.
The alto is the second-highest of the four voices, sitting above the tenor but below the soprano. While the range can vary a bit by singer, the typical range for the alto voice is the F or G below middle C, to second D above middle C. Incidentally, musical instruments that naturally fall in this range can sometimes also be called altos, as in the alto saxophone.

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The list of international music schools includes alto education:
1. Stanford University
2. University of Washington – Seattle
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4. University College Dublin
5. University of Padua
6. Uppsala University
7. Johannes Kepler University Linz
8. Chethams School of Music
9. Canadian Forces School of Music
10. Kyoto City University of Arts‎

Alto Societies:
1. Heights of New York Choral Society singers
2. The Sakura Singers
3. National Association of Teachers of Singing
4. South Berkshire Singers
5. Guisborough Choral Society

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