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Everyone is aware that a trumpet is the only appropriate instrument to use to announce a King's entry into a space. But has anyone ever given more than a passing thought to the person who creates that sound? A Trumpet Player deserves a bit of the limelight, too, because it takes tremendous skill to play their instrument. As a Trumpet Player, your first love is music, but after years of practice, your skill becomes so polished that you can actually make a career out of your trumpet playing.
A member of the brass family, the trumpet is played by blowing air through tight lips in order to create a vibration in the column of the instrument, producing sounds. However, your extensive training teaches you that playing is not that simple. The strength of your breath, the agility of your fingers on the piston valves, and your ability to follow and read music are all factors that contribute to the quality of your playing.
As with all professional Musicians, Trumpet Players need to perform in order to make ends meet. Fortunately, the trumpet is one of the most diverse instruments.
The trumpet requires constant practice even offstage. Weeks of practice precede each performance for bands, orchestras, and symphonies. This frequently entails being able to collaborate with other musicians, even when there are creative differences.

You generally do not need a degree to become a trumpet player; persistent, life-long training is usually how individuals develop the skills needed. While not essential to a career in music, formal training may help you improve your skills and increase your chances of landing a music job as a studio musician or orchestra member. In fact, it may be necessary for certain positions in the music industry. Many colleges and universities offer musical education programs at the undergraduate and graduate degree levels.
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The music job of a trumpet player is, as the title implies, to play the trumpet professionally. Trumpet players are commonly employed in a variety of situations – not just typical music bands, but also orchestras and parade groups, as the trumpet has become a very characteristic instrument in a variety of environments. Trumpet players may commonly play in groups, each assigned their own portion of the piece they’re playing, or filling in for each other to give the sound a better thickness whenever applicable.
Like with most other music jobs related to playing an instrument, getting to be a trumpet player mostly takes skill and experience. A good trumpet player would typically have practiced for several years, usually starting out from an early age – such as their high school years. Trumpet players don’t always have to come from a strictly musical background (like attending a musical school), though this boosts one’s chances for success greatly as it gives them the necessary background and extra experience.
Trumpet players, similarly to most other musicians, can earn very well mostly depending on one’s skills. Those who’ve built up sufficient experience with the instrument can easily realize high salaries and various additional bonuses, while less experienced trumpet players would usually have to build up some reputation before being able to earn as much. Still, it’s one of the better choices as far as music is concerned, and it’s a job that keeps attracting newcomers all the time.

Trumpet is a brass wind musical instrument sounded by lip vibration against a cup mouthpiece. Ethnologists and ethnomusicologists use the word trumpet for any lip-vibrated instrument, whether of horn, conch, reed, or wood, with a horn or gourd bell, as well as for the Western brass instrument. The technical distinction between trumpet and horn is that one-third of the tube length of a trumpet is conical and two-thirds is cylindrical, while the horn’s tube is the opposite. Both types are found throughout the world.

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The list of international music schools includes Trumpet education:
1. University of Pittsburgh
2. University of South Florida
3. University of California - Santa Cruz
4. University of Amsterdam
5. University of Helsinki
6. University of Padua
7. Uppsala University
8. Royal Academy of Music
9. University of Toronto Faculty of Music
10. Nagoya College of Music

Trumpet Societies:
1. World Trumpet Society
2. The International Trumpet Guild
3. Trumpet and District Agricultural Society
4. Tech Trumpet Society
5. Practical Trumpet Society

The list of Trumpet players and pedagogues includes following notable players:
1. Roy Eldridge
2. Dizzy Gillespie
3. Miles Davis
4. Clifford Brown
5. Chet Baker
6. Lee Morgan

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