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Tours and Library Assistant


Posted 22.11.2023

We are seeking a highly organized and dedicated Tours and Library Assistant to assist in the planning, coordination, and execution of all logistical aspects of...

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Orchestra jobs. Librarian/Archivist/Curator

Orchestra Archivists preserve important or historically significant documents and records. They organize classes, lectures, and other public outreach initiatives like tours. Additionally, they might collaborate with researchers on subjects and objects related to their collections.
Some Orchestra archivists specialize in a particular era of history so that they can have a better understanding of the records from that period. Archivists typically work with specific forms of documentation, such as manuscripts, electronic records, websites, photographs, maps, motion pictures, or sound recordings.
Curators, who also may be museum directors, lead the acquisition, storage, and exhibition of collections. They negotiate and authorize the purchase, sale, exchange, and loan of collections. They also may research, authenticate, evaluate, and categorize the items in a collection.
Curators often perform administrative tasks and help manage their institution’s research projects and related educational programs. They may represent their institution in the media, at public events, and at professional conferences.
Orchestra Librarians help people conduct research or find music information. There are various types of libraries in which librarians may work, including public libraries or academic libraries in a high music school or university.
Librarians take on a wide range of responsibilities. They typically work directly with patrons, plan and implement special programs and classes, organize and order library materials, train other library staff and volunteers, and purchase and install new technology for the library. Librarians need a deep knowledge of the contents of their libraries and strong people skills to help patrons find information.

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Archivists may require at least a bachelor's degree in archival studies, history, music administration or music library. Getting a post-graduate degree can also increase your chances of securing a job. History and public administration degrees may include courses that equip you with research and communication skills. Library science and archival studies degrees may consist of classes focussing on curation, preservation, cataloguing, appraisal, preservation and applied technology.
Librarians may also require bachelor's or master's degrees. Organisations often look for candidates with library and information science degrees or library science degrees from a Hong Kong Library Association (HKLA) accredited institution. The courses you can take include library management, evaluation of information systems and computer-based information tools and resources for children.

Archivists, Librarians or Curators should also possess the following specific qualities:
Analytical skills. Archivists, curators, registrars, and conservators need excellent analytical skills to determine the origin, history, and importance of many of the objects they work with.
Computer skills. Archivists should have good computer skills because they use and develop complex databases related to the materials they store and access.
Customer-service skills. Archivists, curators, and registrars work with the general public on a regular basis. They must be courteous and friendly and be able to help users find materials.
Organizational skills. Archivists, curators, registrars, and conservators must be able to store and easily retrieve records and documents. They also must develop logical systems of storage for the public to use.
Technical skills. Many historical objects need to be analyzed and preserved. Conservators must use the appropriate chemicals and techniques to preserve the different objects they deal with. Examples of these objects are documents, paintings, fabrics, and pottery. Music Knowledge.

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Grant Writer / Orchestra

Writing and submitting grant proposals to family, community and private foundations, as well as national and government organizations to meet budgeted organizational needs; developing individual grant proposals per each grant-making organization’s preferences and following each grant-making organization’s guidelines. Cultivating and engaging current and potential funders through relationship development, engagement opportunities, meetings and touchpoints. Skills:
Qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree and 3 plus years of experience, excellent interpersonal andcommunication skills.

Archivist / Orchestra

Copy the marks of the bows and any other indication that is considered on the parts, according to the instructions of the musical director or the concertmaster and prepare the folders of each music stand with the necessary materials for each program to be interpreted.
Custody, organize and maintain the musical archive of the Symphony Orchestra, through the ordering, deposit and classified archive of scores, particellas, sets of parts of musical works, etc.

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