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Education and Community Engagement Coordinator


Head of Community


Posted 22.11.2023

We’re looking for someone who will lead the delivery and development of our exceptional Community programme. You would enjoy bringing creative energy, independent thinking, leadership,...

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Music jobs. Community/Education/Outreach

A community outreach specialist educates the public about programs and resources that promote physical and mental health. Job duties include developing and implementing public health programs, supervising staff, managing budgets, and overseeing marketing and public awareness campaigns. People in this profession split their time between office work and socializing with the public. A bachelor's degree in public health or health administration, professional experience in the field, as well as aptitude in time management and communication, are requirements for the position of community outreach specialist.
Community outreach specialists have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:
Coordinating with community groups of orchestra and leaders to identify issues in the community that need to be addressed
Promoting events by creating fliers, brochures, and other promotional materials for events such as health fairs or fundraisers
Conducting surveys and research to identify community needs
Developing strategic plans for partnerships with community music organizations and leaders
Building relationships with music community leaders to encourage participation in events or activities held by the organization
Working with social service agencies to develop programs that meet the needs of their clients, such as providing food or shelter to those in need
Organizing musical events such as concerts or festivals in order to promote awareness of a cause or organization
Maintaining databases of volunteers who have expressed interest in participating in specific events or activities
Coordinating volunteer efforts with other departments within an organization to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively

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In most cases, a bachelor’s degree will be enough to qualify you for a role in community outreach. Although many positions don’t specify a major, depending on the services you are reaching out for, a degree in health care, social work, psychology, applied behavior analysis, or counseling might be useful.
A master’s degree is always a welcome boost to both expertise and qualifications for community outreach workers. Getting subject-specific training at a high level will qualify you for the best paying jobs, and open up more interesting opportunities. You’ll generally be exposed to more communication training and have the opportunity to work hands-on in experiential learning courses that place you on the streets under expert supervision to hone your skills.
Depending on the target population, fluency in another language may be required too.

Community outreach specialists need the following skills in order to be successful:
Communication: Community outreach specialists use verbal and written communication skills to interact with members of the community. They often present information about a company’s products or services and answer questions from community members. They also use communication skills to create and send emails, letters and other written correspondence to members of the community.
Public speaking: Specialists in community outreach must be proficient in public speaking because they frequently give presentations at conferences or events for the community. Additionally, being able to speak in front of an audience can help you build relationships with locals by promoting your organization and inspiring people to volunteer or donate.
Networking: Community outreach specialists often use networking skills to build relationships with community members, organizations and businesses. They often use these connections to plan and execute community outreach campaigns. For example, a community outreach specialist might use networking skills to find a business willing to donate products or services for an event.
Marketing: Marketing skills are important for community outreach specialists to have because they often work to promote a company or organization. Community outreach specialists use marketing skills to create marketing campaigns, develop social media posts and create advertisements. They use marketing skills to promote community events and initiatives and to promote the company or organization they work for.
Relationship building: Community outreach specialists often work with community members to develop and maintain relationships. This can include planning and hosting events, attending community events and developing a rapport with community members. Relationship building can help you form partnerships with community organizations and encourage community members to participate in your organization’s initiatives.

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications is responsible for overseeing all public relations and institutional storytelling activities, social media, graphic design and in-house publications – to further the institution’s artistic, audience development and financial objectives. The Director of Communications supervises the Art Director, Digital Content Manager and Communications Specialist. Skills:
Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws Bachelor’s degree in communications, English, music or a related field strongly preferred. At least four years’ experience in the communications and/or marketing profession, preferably in the nonprofit sector; experience in a performing or cultural arts organization preferred. Two years of supervisory experience is required. Music Knowledge.

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