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Administrator – Chetham’s Summer School


Posted 22.11.2023

Chetham’s is a unique cultural institution and charity in the heart of Manchester combining music, education, and heritage. We are home to three extraordinary places...

Closed by 11.12.2023

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Even though some staff members may have joint responsibilities, academic administration in the music business is a division of university or college employees in charge of the upkeep and supervision of the institution. Some type of separate administrative structure exists at almost all academic institutions. Fewer institutions are governed by employees who are also involved in academic or scholarly work. Many senior administrators are academics who have advanced degrees and no longer teach or conduct research.
Administrators are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a school or university. They commonly manage a team of staff members who help them with this task, and they may also be involved in hiring new employees or developing policies and procedures to ensure that their institution runs smoothly.
An academic administrator in music and the performing arts develops and coordinates academic and student programs at a college or university. In this career, you typically work on university affairs outside the realm of the academic faculty; this includes long-term planning, fundraising, maintaining student records, and providing student services. Your duties involve making curriculum choices, liaising with academic affairs, and working with student affairs. Responsibilities can vary between universities and may include recruitment, scholarships, and student affairs. You may also supervise faculty, oversee their research, and ensure they follow university policies and procedures. Some academic administrators also manage counseling, housing, residential life, and related social programming.

Master’s degree or doctorate degree for Music Director

Most academic administrators in music and the performing arts at a college or university have a master’s degree or doctorate degree. You do not need to pursue a specific field of study; rather, many academic administrators begin the role after a long career in higher education. You need a strong background in accounting, statistics, finance, and record keeping. You can also pursue a graduate degree in higher education or educational leadership, but may still need university faculty experience. You must have excellent organizational skills and be able to manage multiple departments at once.

Orchestra Manager need the following skills in order to be successful.

Leadership: Leadership is the ability to guide and motivate others. As an academic administrator in music education, you may be responsible for supervising a team of staff members, including a dean or director. Leadership skills can help you to motivate your team and encourage them to perform their best. You can also use leadership skills to help your team work together to solve problems and find solutions.
Communication: Communication is the act of conveying information through speech or writing. As an administrator, you may be required to communicate with students, faculty members, parents and other administrators. Effective communication can help you convey your ideas and messages to others, which can help you to build relationships and trust with others.
Time management: Time management is the ability to plan and execute tasks within a set time frame. As an administrator in music education, you may be responsible for overseeing several different tasks at once, including student evaluations, faculty meetings and student conferences. Having strong time management skills can help you prioritize your tasks and ensure you complete them on time.
Organization: Music Directors often have to manage many tasks and projects at once. Having strong organizational skills can help you manage your workload and prioritize your responsibilities. You can also use organization skills to help your team stay on top of their work.
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Music Director
Orchestra Manager
Research Officer
Orchestras and Ensembles Assistant Manager
Classical Support
Arts Academy Director
Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Vice President, VSO Learning and Integrative Strategies

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