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Chorus director: career and classical music jobs

Directors of choruses are in charge of running them on a daily basis. To make sure that their singers are ready for upcoming performances, they organize practice schedules, choose songs to learn and perform, and conduct rehearsals.
Chorus directors may also be responsible for managing other aspects of the Chorus’s performance schedule, such as planning concerts or events with other Chorus’s or musicians. In addition to leading rehearsals, they may also attend performances to provide feedback and support to individual singers or sections of the Chorus.
A Chorus director typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:
Hiring, training, and directing a group of musicians as well as vocalists for weekly performances
Ensuring that the Chorus is prepared for performances by giving them feedback on their performance or providing additional rehearsal time if needed
Compiling a list of songs or hymns to be sung during services or special events such as weddings or funerals
Conducting rehearsals with the Chorus to ensure they are well prepared for performances
Leading rehearsals and ensuring that the Chorus follows the conductor’s instructions
Preparing music scores and other materials needed for Chorus performances.
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Chorus directors need at least a bachelor’s degree to be hired. Many Chorus directors choose to pursue a master’s degree in music or music education to increase their employment opportunities and earn a higher salary.
Coursework for a music education degree includes conducting, performance, pedagogy, music theory, music history, and music appreciation. Students gain knowledge on how to teach music to learners of all ages and skill levels, including young children.

Music performance is a skill that can lead to many professional career opportunities. For those interested in leadership positions, becoming a choir director offers a combination of music performance, composition, arrangement and management. Understanding what choir directors do and how to become one is an important step in making an educated career choice.
To be successful as a Chorus Director, you should be creative, assertive, and passionate about music. Ultimately, an outstanding Chorus Director should be able to interpret various styles of music and demonstrate exceptional communication, leadership, and organizational skills at all times.
Chorus Director Requirements:
Proven experience working as a Chorus director.
Sound musical knowledge.
The ability to interpret various styles of music.
Strong leadership and listening skills.
Excellent analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills.
Effective communication skills.
A passion for music.
Patient, creative, and assertive.

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The list of international music schools includes education to become a Chorus Director:
1. New York University
2. University of Rochester
3. University of California – Berkeley
4. University of Vienna
5. University of Munich
6. Erasmus University Rotterdam
7. Radboud University
8. Royal College of Music
9. Conservatoire de musique du Québec à Saguenay
10. Tokyo University of the Arts‎

Chorus Director Societies:
1. American Chorus Directors Association
2. Association of British Chorus Directors
3. Chorus America
4. South Jersey Chorus Directors Association
5. California Chorus Directors Association
6. The New York Chorus Society
7. Texas Chorus Directors Association

The most famous Chorus Directors in the world:
1. Cynthia Powell
2. Robert Prizeman
3. Elaine Quilichini
4. Dr. Linda Raney
5. Brandon Rauch
6. Juan Pedro Rivera
7. Christopher Robinson

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