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A more in-depth study of the theorbo is available through the Theorbo course at one of the oldest and largest early music departments in the world. You’ll be a part of an active and enthusiastic department that forms the basis of your network. Early Music Seminars, projects and Theorbo masterclasses provide further in-depth knowledge of historically informed performance practice.
You will receive individual guidance in three areas: artistic (your main subject - theorbo), research and professional preparation. Naturally, you will be given the space for a lot of initiative, with which you will anticipate your intended professional practice.

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You have the exceptional chance to design a project with your own future in mind while participating in the theorbo program. The broad term "project" unites the three curriculum domains of artistic development, research, and professional integration. As part of the curriculum, you will receive individual and group Theorbo courses in theorbo to aid you in your artistic development, you will conduct research on a topic of your own choice, and you will design and initiate your own professional integration activity. These elements and activities all come together in the project. To help you develop your project successfully, you will receive guidance and support from your instrumental/vocal teacher, research supervisor and professional integration coach. Additionally, you will take part in a peer group, in which you can discuss what you are working on. Designing your own project gives you an opportunity to consider your future career and experiment with developing your own professional practice during your studies. When creating your project, you should take into consideration whether it will help you find your place in the professional practice after you have finished your studies. We encourage you to collaborate, and therefore it is possible to do a project together with other students.

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The Theorbo course focuses on the theorbo. It helps students gain a fine understanding of the difference between techniques for playing different instruments as related to the different eras, places and contexts in which they were played, as related to the functions of consort, basso continuo (in chords of G, A or D minor), or as a soloist. An awareness of the relevance of organology is at the centre of the training, alongside the development of technical skills which will allow the student to play a range of instruments with confidence. This process happens in relation to the courses in applied theory taught within the Early Music department, helping students to gain a comprehensive training in artistic, practical and theoretical skills alongside general and cultural skills.
Are you fond of baroque music? Start studying how to play theorbo by choosing the best theorbo courses and masterclasses for both beginners and advanced musicians. Baroque bass lute seminars and courses are at your service.
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