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Musethica international sessions and festivals 2023/24


Posted: 01.11.2022

Musethica is a performance program for advanced musicians, born from the idea that performing regularly in front of an audience is a crucial step towards...

Closing date: 31.12.2024

Strings chamber: courses, masterclasses and workshops

String chamber music is studied and performed in-depth in Chamber Music for Strings. Talented musicians are divided into age- and ability-appropriate groups and fully immersed in the curriculum of the school, receiving daily coaching and Strings chamber masterclasses from the resident quartets and faculty members. Each week brings a different ensemble-in-residence and individual faculty members, giving students a breadth of input from renowned chamber musicians.
The Chamber Music Program develops musicians into strong chamber music performers. Chamber music is a team effort but one that requires each musician's personal commitment to give their best.
Students at the ISO, CSO and YS level are able to participate in chamber music, and coachings are scheduled based on group and coach availability during semesters. Students are expected to get together to rehearse without their coach throughout the semester.
Students interested in chamber music should indicate their interest in "Chamber" when registering online so that they can receive the necessary information to participate.
Program Details:
Private instruction and chamber music coaching
Public performances
Ensemble master courses
Intensive study and performance of string chamber music
Presentations and demonstrations by the faculty on topics such as quartet rehearsal techniques, 21st century artistic life, and pathways to success

Classical music classes
The strings chamber course is designed for gifted string players as the final step towards a professional career. The aim is to finesse solo, chamber music, orchestral skills and audition preparation, whilst developing a greater awareness of the importance of the body, creativity and all-round musicianship. Students are invited to explore what it is they really want to say with their music, as they prepare to enter the profession.

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Students receive individual masterclasses, technique and performance skills courses, combined with weekly intensive sessions in chamber music, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, creative embodied performance development, improvisation, new music and baroque styles and real life requirements.


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Courses. Strings chamber (+/-Piano).