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The Serpent and Ophicleide courses, which are intended for recent graduates and suitably qualified mature students, give you the technical training, collaborative opportunities, and podium time you need to get ready for a career in this field.
As a Serpent and Ophicleide player, you'll be offered individual tuition from expert staff musicians, and will spend considerable time developing your directing techniques in rehearsal and in performance. In addition to attending and participating in scheduled band activities, you will be encouraged to explore other opportunities to engage with ensembles. Serpent and Ophicleide students should also expect to attend courses/workshops of their peers studying other pathways.

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It's normal for students to be proactive in presenting performances of projects that they've generated themselves. You'll receive support and professional advice in pursuing such projects, which should be viewed as an essential element of your studies. Both Serpent and Ophicleide courses provide excellent opportunities to develop other skills relevant to a future career in the music profession.
In a first course, the tutor might start by having the student experiment, first simply producing a note, then trying to alter it by changing the embouchure using the tongue, jaw and cheek muscles. Next the student will learn basic fingerings for valve instruments, and slide positions for the Serpent and Ophicleide. The student will practice moving up and down the scale, moving smoothly from one note to the next. Once this has been mastered, the student is ready to begin learning songs.

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As the student advances, exercises for breath control, finger dexterity, tonguing (punctuating notes by pressing the tongue against the front teeth and releasing it), and embouchure control will be introduced, as well as more advanced techniques like trilling, bending notes, double-tonguing (using both the tip and the middle of the tongue for faster articulation), and circular breathing (breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth simultaneously by storing air in the cheeks in order to sustain notes longer). Basic music theory will also be taught along the way.
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