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The course offers students the chance to enroll in its 100% musical saxophone course, where they can hone and develop their musical abilities under the guidance of outstanding instructors using a special teaching approach in a first-rate setting.
Saxophone masterclasses will focus on your learning, improve the abilities for band participation and expand the range of your saxophone mastery and repertoire. During saxophone courses students learn all aspects of technique and musicianship to master an instrument:
Reading Music
Music Theory
Rhythm Reading
Saxophone technique
Sound development
Breath control
Ear Training
The Saxophone workshops are tailored to the needs of each student, his/her musical interests and objectives in music. courses design practice routines for each student individually, exercising different areas of music (instrument technique, sound and intonation, rhythm, harmony, melody and form, improvisation, sight-reading, ear training, etc.). All workshops are taught by actively performing artists to make sure you learn from the best. The instructors have many years of experience teaching children and adults, and they are passionate about passing on their skills to others.

Masterclasses:Classical music
The saxophone course provides a method of study for learning the saxophone for all ages. Content will include learning appropriate exercises focusing on fundamental execution of sound production, technical exercises, étude studies, and repertoire. In addition, students will be introduced to pedagogical ideas, chamber music, and skills to prepare for their eventual career in music. Upon completion of the complete undergraduate sequence of performance studies instruction, all students will have obtained:
Technical skills requisite for artistic self-expression in saxophone performance at a level appropriate for the particular music concentration.
An overview understanding of the repertory in saxophone and the ability to perform from a cross-section of that repertory.
The ability to read at sight on the saxophone with fluency demonstrating both general musicianship and a level of skill relevant to professional standards appropriate for the particular music concentration.
Practical knowledge of saxophone pedagogy at a level appropriate to their degree as demonstrated in repertoire class discussions and within the individual lesson.

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The ability to demonstrate achievement of professional, entry level competence in saxophone performance, including significant technical mastery, capability to produce work and solve professional problems independently, and a coherent set of artistic/intellectual goals that are evident in their work.
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