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Workshop on the sackbut, a wind instrument from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and historically accurate interpretation of early music. The workshop is geared toward young professionals and students, but advanced amateurs with knowledge of music from the 16th and 17th centuries are welcome as well. Sackbut players who do not own a historical instrument have the opportunity during the workshop to learn about and try different types of instruments and mouthpieces. A part of the teacher’s masterclasses will consist of playing in chamber music ensembles.
For outdoor music the top part of a sackbut ensemble was usually taken by a shawm, and for church music, by a cornett. The sackbut player should imitate the sound of the cornett, not the trumpet. Thus today's marching band Sackbut blasts have no place in the performance of early music. In spite of the instrument's wide range of dynamic and chromatic compass, and its ability to be played "in tune" (by slide adjustment), the sackbut did not become a regular member of the orchestra until the early nineteenth century.

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The sackbut differs from today's trombone by its smaller bore, its bell which is less flared, and in the lack of a water key, slide lock, and tuning slide on the bell curve. Sackbuts could adjust tuning at the joint between the bell and slide.

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The Sackbut Workshop will pay a visit to Renaissance Naples, a melting pot of Hispano-Italian culture and ideas. You will be touching upon late 15th-century alta-capella repertoire, mid-16th-century improvisation, and the development of extensive chromaticism in the later 16th and early 17th centuries. You will work towards adopting the frame of mind of a Renaissance musician: in addition to lots of playing in small ensembles, there will be sessions on solmization, theory and composition, and musical language, which includes reading from original manuscript and print sources. Of course, everyone challenge themselves on an appropriate level, so modern editions of all the music will also be provided.
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