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Bruno Canino – Post graduate Course


Posted 09.11.2023

Scuola di Musica di Fiesole4 sessionsChamber music with piano, piano duo, piano (4 hands).At the professor’s discretion, the best students may be chosen to hold...

Closed by 31.07.2024

Classical Performance, Bachelor's Programme in Music.


Posted 22.12.2022

The programme focuses on instrumental studies, chamber music and ensemble. You also play in a symphony orchestra and receive individual instruction from teachers from the...

Closed by 07.06.2026

Piano duo: masterclasses, workshops and courses

The Piano masterclass All students who plan to specialize in the Piano Duo ensemble are addressed in the Piano Duo. The Piano Duo course is crucial to the cultural and musical development of pianists. Its literature is extensive and highly specialized. With original pieces and transcriptions, which enhance the capacity of notation and the growth of the piano technique, it goes through time and different styles, making this subject so particular in High Specialization Courses. The Piano Duo course for two Pianos/ 4 hands Piano requires an advanced view of the piano and ensemble sound, asking both pianists remarkable abilities, technical and tonal, and most of all a deep attention in earing and organizing the sound.

Classical music courses
Courses will be held with both tutors in co-presence. The teaching method at the course is built up of courses, seminars, practice and concerts, which are scheduled for every year by different courses and approved by the educational committee.
The programme focuses on instrumental studies, chamber music and ensemble. You also play in a symphony orchestra and receive individual instruction from teachers. As a student of the programme, you will be a part of an international environment characterized by dialogue and openness between students and teachers, with individual tuition. You will continue your artistic development as you enhance your instrumental and ensemble skills on your chosen instrument.
Piano duos who apply for the course have usually already reached a high level of specialisation. The partners aim at a career as a piano duo, having performed actively for some time and prepare systematically for national and international competitions. However, individualised training is still required. Duo workshops mainly focus on the refinement of interpretational skills while solo masterclasses aim to minimise technical deficiencies of the pianist.
The study programme has been designed for Bachelor’s graduates (or equivalent degree) who stand out through artistic excellence in the field of piano playing and wish to specialize with a partner as a piano duo on the national and international stage. The programme in Piano Duo Playing has been based on the Bachelor’s course in Piano Playing and builds on the competence students have gained from previous modules. Students both expand and refine their individual repertoire and perform regularly in front of an audience.


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