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SING! Berlin — AT November “Sing, sing together!” and motivating children’s choir work at primary schools


Posted: 07.02.2024

The training series "SING! Berlin" teaches methods and exercises for children's choir work in primary schools. The basic topics covered are building a children's choir,...

Closing date: 24.11.2024

Organ: workshops, masterclasses and courses

The organ is one of the simpler musical instruments for beginners to play. It is not as challenging as the majority of wind instruments, such as the trumpet, or string instruments, such as the cello. But there's more going on than first appears. An organ is like a hybrid between a piano and a woodwind instrument. What this means is that as you’re fingering the rows of percussive keys on the keyboard, you work your feet on the pedals at the bottom to manipulate the bass notes. It requires a high sense of coordination to play. In addition, Lesson notes on the organ are scarce for the organ compared to the Piano and other instruments.

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The programme in Music specializing in organ and related keyboard instruments gives you the opportunity to continue your organ studies at an advanced level, including solo repertoire, improvisation, and ensemble music. As a student, your studies will be integrated with keyboard instruments traditionally related to organ repertoire and improvisation, such as the piano, fortepiano, harpsichord, harmonium, and clavichord.
Organ improvisation is at the core of all courses. As you progress through the organ courses you will absorb as much theory and comprehension on the journey, firstly through doing and secondly through tutorial revealing’. Your first aspects of reading will relate to pieces that you have already learned to play so that you connect and understand, rather than it being a dry, separate theoretical experience. Reading and sight-reading exercises are also designed to improve improvisation so that you continue to develop creativity, not just read’.
To become a complete musician you are encouraged to explore all aspects. Each organ masterclass is structured as a magazine that you can work through with explanatory text and embedded videos to follow. You can dip in and out of different aspects as you wish. Having access to the entire library also allows you to find the level that you are at and the material that you would like. Different styles of music can be found within each step as all styles are perceived as equal. Please get in touch if you feel there is something missing that you would like.


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