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The ideal career for you would be one that allows you to use music to enhance the lives of others, such as a career in music therapy, if you have a passion for both music and working with people. Your basic understanding of the field of music therapy will be provided by the music therapy course. This includes a history of the profession of music therapy, education and training requirements of music therapists, levels of practice, and music therapy techniques with various clinical populations. You will be introduced to the treatments you will use in a music therapy career, including foundations of designing music-based experiences to address physical, emotional, social, behavioral, and/or spiritual needs of a wide variety of individuals, across clinical and community-based settings.
It is open to capable musicians - from recent graduates to experienced professionals, or to music therapists with a postgraduate diploma looking to add to their skills and knowledge who can access a progression route. Even if you don't have a first degree in music, Music therapy courses still encourage you to apply provided you can demonstrate a capacity to write and think at Master's level. All candidates will need an intuitive and communicative musical presence on at least one instrument or voice, plus the ability to provide harmonic support using, for example, piano, keyboard or guitar.

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The course equips you with the clinical, theoretical and practical skills required to enter the music therapy profession. Successful graduates will be able to work in the education, social services, for the voluntary sector, charities, within prisons, or set up their own practice.
The part-time, flexible nature of the course means you can fit studies around paid employment, and build or enhance your career in the process.
Music therapy Course tutors, and teaching and research staff from across the department have excellent links with healthcare, community and education providers, and courses regularly welcome visiting lecturers from these areas.
Combine music and therapy to bring benefits for human's sake. Music therapy courses will help you with it. Choose music therapy courses and workshops on this site.
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