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The three-day orchestra: STREICHER WORKSHOP


Posted: 21.02.2024

A string orchestra workshop for more ease and joy of playing! Philip Douvier's holistic learning concept combines a playful approach with highly concentrated work phases....

Closing date: 10.11.2024

Lute: workshops, masterclasses and courses

People who want to play music with their fingers frequently choose lutes as their instrument of choice. Lute workshops and courses are available worldwide, both online and in person, for everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals. Examining where and what someone studied is a great way to determine their qualifications. For example, if you are interested in learning from a teacher, then look for somebody that has certification from the first or second on their list of qualifications.

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The workshops are focused on building up skills and techniques, with clear feedback for each step. You will learn a new piece that is graded by difficulty to allow progressive learning. Not only does this mean you can play your instrument easier than ever before, but it ensures fun of the process too. There's three simple technical tips as well as musical suggestions from teacher, just what you need when trying out these pieces yourself - all in one place so have less worry about getting lost or frustrated while practicing at home.
The Lute courses can be offered at a variety of locations, from the comfort and convenience of your home to an outdoor space right next door. You will have access to all three methods: physical classroom lesson with a tutor in person; online via webcam if you are unable or unwilling to travel outside your house; or learning on location while still being able to teach others who live nearby.

Music classes
Interested in learning the Renaissance lute? Perhaps you play guitar and want to expand your knowledge with the lute? Lute masterclasses cover the basics of lute playing including reading tablatures and figured bass, playing technique of both left and right hands and continuo playing. Whether you played the lute a long time ago or you are a true beginner, you will have the opportunity to learn and improve your playing with these private masterclasses.


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