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Organ, Master's Programme.


Posted 05.01.2023

The master’s programme in Music specializing in organ and related keyboard instruments gives you the opportunity to continue your organ studies at an advanced level,...

Closed by 08.06.2025

Fortepiano: masterclasses, workshops and courses

It's time to enroll in a course if you want to learn how to play the fortepiano but are unsure of where to begin. Playing eight-hand music, discussing technique and interpretation, learning new practice techniques, and listening to excellent recordings are just a few of the daily activities that take place. You will practice two to three hours each day, during which you will receive at least 30 minutes of individual practice supervision and Fortepiano workshops.
This intensified learning environment will accelerate your progress and help you focus for longer periods. You will be encouraged and challenged to do your finest work in a relaxed, loving, and non-threatening atmosphere. Specific goals are to polish one learned piece, finish a work in progress, and prepare a new piece for performance in concert.

Music masterclasses
The programme in music specializing in fortepiano and related keyboard instruments gives you the opportunity to continue your fortepiano studies at an advanced level, including solo repertoire, improvisation, and ensemble music. As a student, your studies will be integrated with keyboard instruments traditionally related to fortepiano repertoire and improvisation, such as the piano, harpsichord, harmonium, and clavichord. You get to practice and perform on instruments. Upon application you present an idea that will be the basis for your final project.

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The fortepiano workshop comprises lectures, Fortepiano courses and recital performances presented by distinguished clinicians, composers and performers. tutors participating in the workshop hear inspiring lectures relevant to piano pedagogy, performance and literature. Students enrolled in the participate in small group Fortepiano masterclasses with artist faculty, practice time and other sessions concerning a variety of topics geared toward the development of student pianists.


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