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You can take euphonium courses on your own or in small groups. Either a mixed brass session or group courses on the same instrument are options. You will learn proper technique, how to hold the instrument, how to control your breathing, and how to control your tongue.
Learning the euphonium can improve your memory and concentration. It requires strength and skill which instrument will help to develop coordination. You can learn a whole range of musical styles. Plus, playing brass instruments improves breathing technique and can give players lungs as efficient as athletes
If you are looking for a versatile instrument and want to play something in a band with others then either of these could be the instrument for you. Brass players also get all the best bits in film music; they get the big tunes and all the glory.

Music masterclasses
The specialized workshop for euphonium players gives students an opportunity to focus on literature and skills specific to their instrument. Participants will study solo and ensemble literature, tone production, technique development, how to practice for maximum effectiveness and how to prepare for an audition. Students will attend master courses and practice sessions. All students practice and perform in a small ensemble.

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The euphonium courses offer people a training course aimed at promoting listening, coordination and imitation, both through shared masterclasses in small groups, either with individual masterclasses following a more traditional approach to the instrument. From the beginning, the course proposes the musical experience as an activity to be shared, thanks to the wide range of theoretical workshops, ensemble music and orchestral ensembles. The progressive development of skills and skills allows to deepen the various aspects of instrumental or vocal technique with particular attention to intonation, sound quality, executive and stylistic practice. The course aims to allow the completion of the training modules proposed starting from the basic level (A), middle (B) and advanced (C), with the passing of the certification examinations and the frequency of the complementary courses provided by the study plan.
Does an exotic instrument euphonium attracts you? Find euphonium courses near you and learn to play on it easily. All kinds of euphonium lessons and workshops are available there.
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