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Although the cornett is reputed to be challenging to play and difficult to keep in tune, fans of the instrument still adore the sound it produces. In the past, it was thought to be a wonderful feature that the instrument could mimic the human voice. The public used to hold virtuoso players of the instrument in high regard.
Instruments from the past are interesting to study. The exploration can give us information about the history and culture in an area or in a specific group of people. The study of old musical instruments and music can also give us new ways to enjoy the present. The cornett can be very expressive when played well. Its music sometimes has a haunting quality. It can be a wonderful solo instrument as well as a great member of an ensemble.

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If you play a musical instrument seriously, then there is no substitute for taking Cornett courses with a well-respected local teacher. This is as true for the cornett as for any instrument, especially at the beginning when it so very easy to form bad habits which are then difficult to correct.
Following requests from amateur cornett players across the world who live in "cornett isolation" (many miles from good professional support), Online tuition has proved popular, offering insight, technical and musical, to players living 'out of reach'.

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To take Cornett course , you will need a computer with camera and microphone and the lesson takes place (usually) via Zoom (Skype or Facetime also possible). The built-in camera and mic on most computers are adequate for our needs although you can use external units (mic, camera, headphones, cinema display and speakers) for better quality.
Start playing woodwind instruments with ease. Choose cornett courses to get all you need for a fantastic performance on zink/cornett instruments.
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