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CON&CORSO Masterclass di Musica da Camera


Posted: 23.10.2023

SELEZIONE PER ENSEMBLE DI MUSICA DA CAMERA con musicisti tra i 17 e i 35 anniAi gruppi selezionati sarà offerto:- Un minimo di 10 lezioni...

Closing date: 31.07.2024

Master in Symphonic Orchestra Performance


Posted: 01.11.2022

Application opens on 1 December 2022.As a student at this international master’s programme, you…- take part in an excellent symphony orchestra along with your fellow...

Closing date: 02.06.2024

Brass chamber: courses, masterclasses and workshops

Chamber Brass is a chamber course open to all brass players whether they are music majors or not. Music majors may use this to satisfy a chamber ensemble/minor ensemble requirement. Members gain valuable ensemble, musical, and technical advancement through the study, rehearsal, and performance of standard chamber wind repertoire, arrangements, and new works by living composers.

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The Brass Chamber Workshops created for musicians of all ability levels to a one-of-a-kind opportunity to play chamber music for brass instruments. Brass Chamber course is unique workshop setting and extensive music library provide participants with the opportunity to play in a variety of ensembles, ranging from trios to dectets, with coaching by some of the finest brass players and educators in the country. The participants perform for each other in a casual and supportive environment. Additionally, there are sessions on topics of particular interest to brass players, as well as plenty of time for participants to form their own groups for additional ensemble playing. Brass Chamber course is known for its relaxed atmosphere and the camaraderie among its participants, and for its support for promoting the creation of new music.
If one is to be a true chamber music lover, one would be interested in listening to others perform. The workshop has afforded the player such an opportunity through its daily programs - when the participants play for each other. Hearing each other not only increases one’s awareness of the literature but helps to satisfy a need felt by the performer. The staff has certainly recognized this need. The individual wants to be heard - regardless of frequent and often strong nervous tension.

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If one is to promote chamber music, the beginning and intermediate performer must be encouraged as well as the more advanced participant. The workshop purposely accepts players of various degrees of advancement. It is not the intent to have only the most advanced players participate.
Finally, one of the true rewards of chamber music participation is the creating of friendships and the developing of a person’s appreciation and understanding of others. Even though this particular means of musical expression is a personal thing, it is yet something that must be shared with others. It is this sharing - the human element - that gives much purpose to the activity.


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