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The Baroque viola is a bowed box-lute chordophone that originated in northern Italy in the mid-16th century and remained in use throughout Europe and beyond through the end of the 18th century when it evolved into the modern viola. As was the case with most types of European Renaissance instruments, the viola was one of a family (called a consort) of variously sized instruments of the same design, the other two members being called the violin and the violoncello. Violas were created in a wider range of sizes in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries than has been typical in more recent centuries. The violin family's alto and tenor ranges were previously covered by the viola, leaving the violin to perform in the treble range and the violoncello in the bass register. Although tuned alike, smaller alto violas were constructed to cover the upper-middle register parts of ensemble music, and a larger tenor viola to perform in the lower-middle range.

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Workshop for baroque viola players of all levels. In a few courses each day, faculties provide instruction in technique, consort and solo literature. Evenings are filled with musical activities, including ad hoc consorts, mini courses or presentations, and a faculty concert, providing both formal and informal opportunities for participants to play, listen, and learn. courses focus on technique and repertoire and will be assigned on the basis of level and instrument.

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At the core of the teaching is a deep understanding of the intersection of music, physical motion, and viola technique. This intersection is the place where energy can flow unimpeded and finding this conductivity is a key element in mastering string playing.
The master class series focuses on two key periods in a violist’s life – the pre-college years, and post-education years where one is mastering the art of auditions. Participants will leave the workshop with clear tools and a pathway for considerable ongoing growth.
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