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This type of flute was made famous by the Hotteterre family of woodwind musicians and manufacturers in Paris in the late 17th century. Its long, thin taper from the head joint to the foot and superior tuning of some harmonics varies from the Renaissance flute.
Additionally, it was built in pieces, which is unusual for a flute from the Renaissance. Early Hotteterre instruments had a foot collective with the key for the final spot, which, unlike other keys on woodwind instruments, increased the instrument's bottom note by a semitone. The middle part also had most of the finger holes.

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Baroque flute courses give an economical option to learn how the flute is played. This knowledge may be acquired remotely from your house. These possibilities are offered by skilled and recognized tutors who produce instructional packages to guide the students online.
Playing the Baroque flute is a great experience; the continuous melodic notes inspire the musician to continue dazzling their listeners indefinitely. The online courses to assist individuals learn how to play the Baroque flute are separated into easy, smaller courses. This technique encourages simple comprehension and greater development while learning. A broad range of tunes may be played with the flute. These courses and more are available online to everyone who needs to acquire or enhance their abilities.

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The Baroque flute courses focuse on playing the baroque flute with some attention paid also to the renaissance and classical flutes. The course allows students to develop a fine understanding of the different models of flutes and the specific range of each between 1680 and 1780, alongside specific stylistic aspects of the literature and links between the types of instruments, their repertoire and playing technique. This approach happens in relation to the courses in applied theory taught within the Early Music department. This means that students are able to gain a comprehensive training in artistic, practical and theoretical skills alongside general and cultural skills.
Get the boost for your baroque flute studies. Choose from traverso courses and baroque flute training classes. Only skilled baroque flute performers' workshops.
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