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Alto Bagpipe: courses, masterclasses and workshops

The alto bagpipe is a unique instrument…and a loud one! Playing the bagpipes boosts confidence for many people, especially as they improve. Young people (and their parents) often remark on this benefit. Additionally, it is rewarding for them when their skills lead to a weekend job or financial aid. Piping provides bands and solo pipers of all skill levels and ages with competitive opportunities as well as chances to challenge yourself, connect with other musicians, and receive praise for improvement.
Learn to play the alto bagpipes. The course will take you through as a beginner, starting you out on the practise chanter. By the end of it you will be amazing your friends and family by being able to play two key tunes of the piper's repertoire.
There are many aspects to learning to play the alto bagpipes. The series of courses should take you through each stage. You will develop your skills in easily to acquire chunks. In this first stage of the course you will start as a beginner. You will learn all about what the practise chanter is, and how to go about buying one. You will learn about reading music and why it is important. But don't worry too much if reading music is a new skill for you because on all of these courses, the tutors will demonstrate the tune for you in a clear way so that you can 'play by ear' if that is what you want to do.

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If you have been struggling to learn the bagpipes by courses, or you would like some motivation to get going, or you are just interested to know what playing the bagpipes is all about, then the alto bagpipe course is for you.
Starting the alto bagpipes brings you into a new community. You’ll discover the piping community is welcoming and widespread. There are pipe bands and piping events in towns large and small, all over the world. When you move, go to college, retire or travel, there’s bound to be a pipe band nearby. Having the network and cameraderie of friends is just a band practice away, when you play the pipes.

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Learning a new instrument is believed to be good for your brain, and learning the alto bagpipes is no exception. Piping requires a lot of coordination and fingerwork. Pipers also memorize much of their music. Engaging the mind in these ways is a great workout!
Learn how to play real Scottish bagpipe with our offers. Bagpipe courses and practical master classes, lessons from skilled bagpipe teachers and full-fledged academic courses available there.
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