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Altschuler Summer Music Institute


Posted 13.01.2023

The Altschuler Summer Music Institute will be hosted at Conservatorio Lettimi in Rimini, Italy, July 10-23, 2023, open to all orchestral instruments, guitarists, pianists, and...

Closed by 23.07.2023

3rd International Chamber Orchestra Academy Philippsburg


Posted 22.12.2022

The 3rd International Chamber Orchestra Academy will be hosted in Philippsburg (Germany) This opportunity for outstanding young musicians who want to perfect their skills and...

Closed by 11.08.2023

Rencontres Musicales Alberto Lysy 2023


Posted 01.11.2022

We invite high level students to join our tuition-free masterclass. Set in Château-d'Oex in the Swiss Alps, the «Rencontres Musicales Alberto Lysy» is aimed at...

Closed by 19.02.2023

Denver Philharmonic Workshop with Lawrence Golan and Diane Wittry


Posted 24.10.2022

Come to the "Mile High City" Denver, CO, to study the art of conducting and great repertoire with two amazing faculty. This workshop includes:​Score study,...

Closed by 04.03.2023

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Students can take a variety of orchestra courses to advance their musical knowledge and get ready for the workforce. The courses that concentrate on developing the skills required to master a specific instrument are some of the most popular types of orchestra courses. Students can also enroll in composition and orchestra conducting classes in addition to these. Additionally, students can enroll in orchestra courses that emphasize music theory and history.

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Orchestra courses for a specific instrument are commonly taken by students who have decided to focus on music at the university level. These courses give instruction about how to properly play a specific instrument. Students can take courses at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, and many music degree programs require that a student be proficient with at least a few different instruments.
Conducting courses are usually only offered by universities, though some secondary courses offer limited instruction in conducting techniques. These orchestra courses teach students how to manage an orchestra and how to read and interpret a score. It takes many years to learn to conduct well, and like instrumental courses, the skills needed to conduct are usually taught in beginning, intermediate and advanced level courses.
Other courses teach how to compose and arrange orchestral music. Though this type of music is not as popular around the world as it once was, orchestral music plays underneath the video of many films and television shows as well as under the action of live theatrical performances. An abundance of new orchestral music is produced each year, and courses in orchestral composition can help a person prepare for a job as a composer.

Classical music courses
With individual workshops in every semester of your degree, you’ll receive high-level training that refines your orchestral instrument performance skills. Then you’ll showcase your talents in end-of-semester performances, including concerto performances and recitals of solo and chamber works.
You’ll also advance your specialised skills in orchestral performance as you:
Participate in symphonic ensembles throughout the program
Undertake targeted preparations for the orchestra audition process in core and elective subjects
Enrich your knowledge and interpretational perspectives on the orchestral repertoire.


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