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Alexander Technique is an embodied, real-world mindfulness practice that doesn’t involve sitting on a cushion. You can use it to notice, explore, and have fun in the area between stimulus and reaction. Being able to change your course in response to events in both your internal and external worlds is beneficial because it can broaden the scope of human experience as a whole.
Alexander Technique gives you conscious control over your awareness and from there more agency in any aspect of your life, whether it’s how you move, how you think, how you perform, how you speak, how you relate to others or how you relate to yourself.
There are several thousand Alexander tutors worldwide. Most are members of one or more professional societies and most of these societies publish both a written and an on-line tutors list. Under each of the country listings below, you’ll find links to individual teacher’s websites as well as links to the relevant certifying professional societies where you can locate those tutors who do not yet have a website.
If you are fortunate enough to live in a city that has more than one teacher, you might want to try several before choosing one. Recommendations from friends or colleagues may be helpful. If you come across a tutor who does not belong to a professional society, ask about his or her training and teaching experience.

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Most Alexander Technique professional societies maintain a list of courses and workshops taught by their members. The websites of these societies are listed on the tutors lists (the three links at the top of this page) below the links to individual teacher’s websites – which themselves may contain information about courses and workshops offered in their areas.

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Alexander Technique is a powerful way to change the way you come across with people across many contexts. You can learn to create a stronger connection, develop greater stage presence when you give presentations and easily access your own ideas while you speak. With practice, you can learn to open up an innate and confident playfulness that will spread through everything you say. The course includes a 'power up', with more than an hour of extra videos, specifically on speaking and social skills:
General principles
Individuals and small groups
Public speaking
Camera presence
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